House Managers Domestic Staffing

British American Household Staffing represents the highest quality, experienced professional housemanagers in NY, CA and the UK as well as other states in the USA. British American Household Staffing provides experienced, qualified and formally trained household staff in NYC and CA and the UK, including personal assistants, corporate staff, nannies, baby nurses, newborn care specialists, housekeepers, private chefs, household and estate managers, chauffeurs and more.

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House Managers Domestic Staffing

A Housemanager is typically responsible for a family and staff schedule, household finances and all household-staffing issues. The Housemanager deals with vendors, pre-empts maintenance issues and ensures the smooth running of the household and typically will manage all staff on a property. 

A Housemanager is responsible for one household and and smooth running of the household.  A Housemanager will live in or live out and can double as the Butler or Executive Housekeeper in residence in addition to performing the duties of a Housemanager.   Some families appoint their Nanny as a Personal Assistant and Housemanager when the children are of school age.   A Housemanager will ensure the house is fully functioning by managing vendors, creating and maintaining vendor relationships.  A Housemanager in a townhouse may oversee from three to fifteen members of staff and manage their schedules weekly and monthly.  A Housemanager in a larger estate may work with other managers, such as a Personal Assistant or Director when managing the large staff base within the property.  A Housemanager of a larger property will report to the Estate Manager, Chief of Staff or Director of Residences. A Housemanager for an estate will typically have formal or estate training and experience or have worked on a luxury yacht previously as a manager.   A Housemanager in a smaller property or more urban home will often report directly to the principles. 

Where there are large or multiple homes, the Estate Manager is the "Chief of Staff" of the organization, carrying out the wishes of the principles at each location. Estate Managers need to understand the job descriptions of all staff members they oversee (Household Manager, Butler, Head Housekeeper, Housekeeper, Laundress, Houseman, Chauffeur, Private Chef, Gardener, Nanny etc.).  Estate Managers also have broad policy making authority over all household and estate operations, and manage extensive property and staff issues on a daily basis. The House Manager will follow the direction given by the Estate Manager in these cases. 

We are the leading domestic staffing agency for Housemanagers in NY and CA, as well as the UK.  If you are looking to hire a Housemanager, please view our Services or learn about our process by viewing our Standards. If you are a Housemanager looking for employment, please visit our Candidates page.

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