29 Halloween Party Ideas Kids Will Love

29 Halloween Party Ideas Kids Will Love


article by Katherine Stahl for PopSugar

photo by Ella Claire Inspired

Hosting a kid-friendly Halloween bash? Look no further for some spook-tacular ideas that will appeal to children of all ages and their parents. While candy and other sweets (we've got you covered more than 100 party-ready Halloween treat ideas) are a must, if you want to make your event truly memorable, it's time to think beyond the candy bowl. From cute ways to turn your home into a not-so-scary haunted house to games featuring monsters, mummies, and more, the following 31 ideas are sure to take your party from "boo" to boo-tiful! Get ready to impress all the little witches, superheroes, and princesses in your life!

1. Mummy Door

Wrap your front door with medical gauze and stick on some big yellow paper eyes for an undead welcome.

2. Monster Toss

Get inspired by this DIY monster toss board, which also makes for a fun cornhole idea!

3. Skeleton Backdrop

No Halloween party is complete without a frightfully fun photo backdrop, and this chalk one is positively bone-chilling.

4. Silly (Not Scary) Food

According to Pinterest, all Halloween food needs to look like severed fingers or mummies. If your toddler is like ours, they won't eat something if it looks at all different than what they expect. For young kids, it's probably better to avoid anything too creepy or outlandish — consider the goal is to keep them fed and satisfied and parents relaxed. Comforting a terrified toddler should not be on the menu.

5. Halloween Books

Sometimes kids need a space to sit back and relax, especially in social settings. Consider having a few Halloween-inspired books out. This will give children a chance to recharge and parents a chance to read and bond with their child over a new story. If you're feeling really generous, these would also make great party favors, so if a book happens to get chewed on a little, it won't be a big deal.

6. Mummy Mason Jars

No need to be crafty for this Halloween project! All you need are a few glass containers, googly eyes, and a bit of gauze to create mummy jars for holding candy or candles or for being centerpieces.

7. Dangling Doughnuts

The kids will love the treats, and you'll get a kick out of watching them try to eat them. See more of the dangling doughnuts game.

8. Bobbing for Apples

Just because it's an oldie doesn't mean it's not a goodie! See more bobbing for apples here.

9. Mummy Pumpkins

Mummy pumpkins are adorable indoors or out. Make them in advance as decor or get your guests involved and turn it into a fun activity.

10. Pumpkin Ring Toss

Pumpkins of any size will do the trick. See more pumpkin ring toss ideas.

11. Balloon Spiders

These giant balloon spiders will scare unsuspecting trick-or-treaters and party-goers.

12. Pin the Spider on the Web

This is an easy DIY, or check out the free printable. See more of the pin the spider on the web game.

13. Decoupage Leaves Pumpkin

Use the abundance of Fall foliage to inspire your kiddo's pumpkin. Let them go on a scavenger hunt for their favorite leaves before crafting their unique decoupage pumpkin.

14. Mummy Hot Dogs

Store-bought dough and hot dogs quickly become edible mummies with this clever recipe from We Know Stuff.

15. Pumpkin and Skelton Balloons

Create these spookily easy jack-o'-lantern, ghost, and skeleton balloons for Halloween party decor that packs a big punch.

16. Witch's Brew

There's no way your little one will be able to resist the radioactive green color of this lime Jell-O and Sprite mocktail. (Skip the vodka, of course.)

17. Doughnut Pumpkins

Not in the mood for carving pumpkins at your party? These doughnut pumpkins are an adorable alternative.

18. Monster Tote

This stylish monster tote bag DIY is perfect for Halloween and beyond and makes the perfect party favor.

19. Spooky Piñata

Just in case the kiddos need an opportunity for even more candy — or an outlet for their sugar-induced energy — consider letting them swing at a seasonal piñata ($52).

20. Barfing Pumpkin With Dip

Give crab dip (or any dip your kiddos love) a fun spin with this exploding pumpkin. It's a little gross in theory, but hey, kids love gross things.

21. Halloween STEM Games

Teaching kids how to think critically is a big element of the Common Core and STEM programs. Just because a party is supposed to be fun doesn't mean you can't dip their toes into the learning pool. Have kids guess the weight of various pumpkins or how many candy corn pieces are in a jar. Prizes and bragging rights will ensure that toddlers will not want to wait for next year's party.

22. Homemade Face Paint

Make your own homemade paints and set up a face-painting station.

23. Pumpkin Halloween Surprise Balls

These adorable little crepe pumpkins hide a sweet surprise!

24. Fang Cookies

Your guests will love sinking their teeth into these vampire-inspired fang cookies.

25. Pumpkin Patch Stomp

The kid who can stomp the most in a certain amount of time wins! Trust us — it's harder than it sounds. See the pumpkin patch stomp game.

26. Pumpkin Lollipop Holder

This creative lollipop holder can be made with a synthetic foam pumpkin and a treat of your choice.

27. Mini Cat Piñata

You know what's better than one big piñata? Three mini ones! Etsy seller CactusPears's mini cat piñatas ($27 for three) mean more of your little guests can get in on the fun. Each piata has a trap door so you can fill it with confetti and candy.

28. Pumpkin Run

Grab a bunch of mini pumpkins and you instantly have a fun activity. See more mini pumpkin games.

29. Skeleton Party Crackers

These skeleton party crackers ($22 for six), made by party company Meri Meri and sold through Land of Nod, will start the Halloween fun off with a bang. Each cracker contains a temporary tattoo, a party hat, and a joke.

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