Celebrate Your Moment: How to Feel Like a Million Bucks at Your Baby Shower

Celebrate Your Moment: How to Feel Like a Million Bucks at Your Baby Shower


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I’m a huge fan of celebrating pregnant women with all that we’ve got.  There’s nothing quite as powerful, as beautiful, or as magnificent as growing a new precious life inside of your body– but I think we pregnant women can often feel very vulnerable during our pregnancy journeys.  Whether it’s due to fears, hormonal anxiety, everyday aches and pains, or even feelings of insecurity or self-doubt– a woman’s pregnancy can ALSO herald a period during which time we go through a totally out of body experience.  During my first pregnancy, for example, I felt super strong physically, and in-tune emotionally with my pregnancy.  I did yoga and pilates, walked for miles a day, and was meditating and reading tons in preparation for my daughter’s birth.  This time around has been the opposite of that.  I’ve felt so out of touch in so many ways as I try desperately to balance my existing child, my relationships, my business, and my own needs.  Not to mention I’ve felt less than great about my body at times during this pregnancy.  I think most second-time Mamas out there can relate to this!

Our identities as women can sometimes get put on the back-burner as we are encouraged to give up our previous lives in order to pledge our bodies to our unborn babies.  But of course we are all more than just Mamas! I think it’s super important to make sure that you are being gentle with yourself emotionally, and celebrating the woman that you are during your pregnancy, in big ways or small.  A wonderful, personal Baby Shower is such a great way to do this.  Even just knowing that those close to you are taking time out of their busy schedules to celebrate you and the epic journey you are about to embark upon can be so soothing to those pre-birth jitters.  Take advantage of this special celebration! Make sure you are enjoying every minute and setting up your special day so that you can truly bask in the glory of it.  These moments pass us by so quickly.

Today I’m sharing my best tips and tricks to prepare for your baby shower and feel like a million bucks.  You deserve it, Mama!

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