The Personal Assistant Network


Who We Are

The Personal Assistant Network is a private networking group for Personal Assistants and Estate Managers. Based primarily in New York and San Francisco, members support people and properties around the globe.

We’re flexible and accomplished. We’re keeping up with the best and brightest minds. Members might be getting their employers ready for Burning Man one weekend and the opening of the Opera the next. In between it all, we’re managing multiple properties, investments, personal schedules, travel, and much more.


—It’s a Secret:

First and foremost, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our employers and fellow The Personal Assistant Network members. We do not discuss who we work for unless the “who” happens to be just fine with that. All members sign confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements.

The Personal Assistant Network does not distribute or make available member contact information.


What We Do

We share trusted resources, job leads, skills, and knowledge. All tailored to our very specific and exacting needs.

We are an active group — with lively in-person meetings, peer mentoring, and a members-only online community.

The atmosphere we cultivate is one of sharing — resources, job leads, ideas, and skills — fostering lasting connections with colleagues. Coming together with fellow Personal Assistants who “speak the same language” in a safe and confidential environment has proven beneficial in many ways.

Along the way, we have lots of fun focusing on dynamic presentations, educational workshops, roundtable discussions, and social mixers in ever-changing venues with excellent food and drink.


Donor Concierge

More than just a search service

Donor Concierge finds egg donors and surrogate mothers, helping intended parents have the baby they always wanted. A Donor Concierge search includes more than 100 trusted agencies around the country. In most cases, we can offer a choice of 20-40 donors or 4-6 surrogates who can help you complete your family.

We help you find just the right match quickly—usually within 2-4 weeks—enabling you to begin fertility treatment faster than when working on your own. Donor Concierge can help you find an egg donor or find a surrogate mother who meets your unique set of requirements.

The Donor Concierge philosophy

In 2006, Gail Sexton Anderson launched Donor Concierge as a resource for intended parents who want greater choice when choosing an egg donor or surrogate. The company is based on three principles:

No single agency is going to have the right egg donor or surrogate for each intended parent.
Finding the right egg donor or surrogate requires intended parents to adopt a new philosophy as to how they will build their family.
Donor Concierge breaks down the process into practical, manageable steps while being emotionally supportive so that intended parents reach closure, find the right ovum donor or gestational carrier for them, and move forward with their fertility treatment.




British American Household Staffing and Baby Caravan

Baby Caravan

Baby Caravan is a full service doula agency supporting families with Birth + Postpartum Doulas, Private Childbirth, Newborn Care, Breastfeeding Education, and Back-to-Work coaching and classes for mothers leaving maternity leave. Their mission is to support and embrace their clients - both as mothers and professionals as they make their way through the journey of childbirth into motherhood. Baby Caravan understands that women are more than their pregnancy and postpartum experiences; they are business owners, CEO’s, heads of departments, employees, partners, best friends, sisters and mothers. With an open mind and judgments left at the door, they hope to guide each one of their clients lovingly into motherhood and back out into the world where she can feel creative, confident and grounded in her identity.

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British American Household Staffing and Birth Day Presence

Birth Day Presence

Birth Day Presence provides smart, non-judgmental childbirth education and doula services for savvy New Yorkers. The longest-running and most trusted independent childbirth education and doula referral center in the city, Birth Day Presence hand-selects the best ideas and techniques from a range of childbirth traditions to provide NYC’s expectant parents with modern, practical education and support. The days of the one-size-fits-all birth are done. Modern birth is about drawing from age-old traditions and the latest research to create a consult, class or doula experience that fits your family. Run by Jada Shapiro, NYC's most sought-after doula and childbirth expert, Birth Day Presence hand-selects the best ideas and techniques from a range of childbirth practices to provide smart, open-minded childbirth education and the right doula referrals. That’s why more than 6,000 savvy New Yorkers have trusted Birth Day Presence to help prepare for the big day. In one of their beautiful studios or the comfort of your own home, Birth Day Presence will give you the tools and information you need to create the birth day that’s right for you.

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British American Household Staffing and British American Business

British American Business

Access to the right connections, audiences, influence and intelligence is key to business success. High-quality access is at the heart of the business advantage British American Business offers on both sides of the Atlantic. BAB has grown to become the pre-eminent transatlantic business organization by providing our members with practical, measurable business expansion opportunities, through the delivery of high-caliber relationship-development and brand-building platforms as well as top-quality business intelligence and regulatory advice and influence.

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Daniel Baum & Co.

Daniel Baum & Co. is a premier real estate agency and relocation service that is here to make the moving process as smooth as possible. It's no easy task to uproot from the comfort of your own home. David Baum & Co. takes special care to ensure that every relocation is as easy and stress-free as possible and to make a new home feel like home, once again. From social security and banking to rental assistance and schools, Daniel Baum & Co. is here to guide professionals and their families through all aspects of the moving and settling-in process. 

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David Salvatore: Red Jacket Residential

David Christopher Salvatore, The Red Jacket, has a New York heritage reaching back nearly 200 years with the arrival of his maternal ancestors to Manhattan. Whether surveying the land for his real estate clients or doing research for his home staging design business, this heritage based, deep-rooted knowledge of New York City is the power behind The Red Jacket mystique. David’s branding expertise continues to receive acclaim from many of New York’s leading luxury purveyors, collaborating to execute unique opportunities and superb events, including his appointment as Contributing Editor of the luxury heritage magazine, "Magnifissance". Red Jacket Luxury continues as David has partnered with COMPASS - the first modern real estate platform. The Exclusive Red Jacket Collection for COMPASS at The Carlyle includes 179 custom-tailored short or long-term suites – each with their own unique look, layout and lavish design. The Red Jacket represents the finest of what makes New York, New York.

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British American Household Staffing and the Law Office of Lisa Pierson Weinberger

Law Office of Lisa Pierson Weinberger, PC

The Law Office of Lisa Pierson Weinberger is a boutique employment law practice in California, dedicated to the needs of families and small businesses. With a special focus on domestic employment law, we advise clients on how to conduct a background check, ensure legal status of employees, establish benefits policies, comply with wage and hour laws, properly manage employment tax and insurance obligations, and provide notice relating to surveillance and drug screening.  Lisa also prepares employee applications, employment agreements/offer letters, time cards, confidentiality agreements, mutual agreements to arbitrate, employee handbooks, counseling/discipline notices, termination letters, and severance/release agreements. Lisa takes a personal and practical approach to every matter, working to protect and reassure clients through many stages of their lives.  Lisa’s counsel adapts as circumstances change, but her role as trusted ally remains a constant. Her high profile and high net worth clients appreciate her ability to understand the full scope of each unique situation, and quickly see her as the natural extension of their household or small business.

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MCC Contractor

MCC Contractor believes that creating or remodeling those places you spend most of your time – like homes, offices, stores, restaurants – should always delight and preserve your senses but never become a burden. MCC Contractor offers Improvement and Remodeling services with a focus on combining quality work with quality service. MCC Contractor puts their client front and center and works proactively to make sure any remodeling works get done in a timely manner and within budget. Capitalizing on 20 years experience with high-end international satisfied clients, MCC's seasoned team will serve you professionally until final delivery, and after!

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Mommy Groove

Practical Solutions, Great ResultsMommy Groove Therapy and Support understands the pressures of parenting in New York City. Worry, stress and constant comparisons to an impossible standard can really get in the way of living a full, joyful life. That's why perinatal mental health expert and parenting coach Olivia Bergeron, LCSW, works with you to develop and implement practical strategies to get you and your family back on track quickly. As a new, expectant or seasoned parent, when things aren't going well, there's no time to waste. If you find yourself feeling disconnected from your child and partner, everyone pays a price. But there is help. Rediscovering the connection is key.

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British American Household Staffing and The Morris Design Group

The Morris Design Group

The Morris Design Group, under the leadership of Gary Morris, has created stunning interiors and exteriors since 1992. The company’s design services include new construction, renovations, additions and refurbishing. Clients’ homes and offices have been among the finest in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, San Francisco, New York City, the Hamptons and London, UK.

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Neuman + Associates

Neuman+Associates is a full service accounting firm that specializes in the motion picture, television and music/recording industries. Major clients include producers, writers, artists, directors, actors, recording artists, composers, studio executives and professional athletes. For over twenty two years, Neuman+Associates have maintained a solid position in a highly competitive marketplace. Each of their dedicated professionals is uniquely qualified and has extensive experience and technical expertise.

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Special Spectators

Special Spectators profoundly impacts the lives of seriously ill children by hosting VIP all-access game day experiences across the United States.  Since 2002, Special Spectators, a volunteer run nonprofit organization, has served over 8,300 patients, parents and siblings at almost 300 games - mostly college football. In collaboration with some of the biggest programs in the country such as Alabama, Auburn, Baylor, Clemson, Florida, LSU, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, TCU, UCLA & Virginia Tech, we create inspiring and memorable experiences for kids battling life-threatening illnesses.  

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