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See our full list of discussions and resources to help your family and staff adjust to current circumstances. As always, we're here to assist with all your household staffing needs during this time.

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Hiring Household Staff During the Pandemic


One thing for sure is that there is no price on your peace of mind when it comes to your family and your home. At BAHS we are here to listen and advise in support of your next step.

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Hiring Newborn Care Amid Coronavirus


The best help for new parents is often an extra pair of expert hands. If you choose to hire newborn help, we can guide you and your caregiver, helping you navigate your way through a transitional time from the hospital back into the comfort of your own home. With our reassurance and qualified support during the ongoing pandemic, you and your family will continue to feel safe and sound with the support you deserve.

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How to Maintain Structure at Home During Uncertain Times


Remember everyone’s life has been disturbed, and members of your household staff may be feeling anxious about work and income. Communicate openly about your plans and needs and be flexible. Replacing staff is a long and stressful process, and it is ideal to maintain your current staffing situation so the transition out of isolation can be easier.

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5 Tips for When Live-Out Household Staff Have to Live-In


Transitioning from live-out to live-in does require flexibility and patience for all parties. You may be settling into your new work from home schedule and have no doubt encountered some difficulties. The same will be true of your staff. Maintaining open communication and respectful boundaries will help your family adjust to having more people in your home and allow your staff to keep a healthy work-life balance.

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Homeschooling & the Benefits of Hiring a Governess


Parents and nannies are having to roll up their sleeves and dive back into school. If you are overwhelmed with homeschooling, or schooling from home, consider hiring a governess to support your child’s learning and ensure they do not fall behind during this time.

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Resources for Household Staff Returning to Work


As we continue to ease restrictions and closures, more domestic staff are able to return to work. For their safety and the continued safety of your family, please refer to our collection of scenarios and resources for best practices. 

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