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Personal Chauffeur Driving High-End Car

What is a Private Chauffeur?

A chauffeur acts as a personal driver for an individual or a family. Chauffeurs on our roster will have several years of full-time experience, will hold a clean driving license, and will have an in-depth knowledge of the city in which they work. Discretion and a thorough knowledge of formal etiquette are also key requirements. Many chauffeurs have a background in personal security- some even have a license to carry.

Some chauffeurs are more experienced with business professionals- bringing the principals to/from work, various meetings and appointments, and sometimes even on long-distance trips to nearby cities.

Other chauffeurs have more experience with families- handling car seats and strollers, taking children and nannies to/from school and various activities, helping parents or staff to run errands, taking the family to their second homes on the weekends, etc.

Occasionally chauffeurs do take on some extra duties such as helping to keep the front steps of the home tidy, running personal errands, and, in some cases, even taking on a personal assistant role.

A chauffeur will need to have a vast working knowledge of the roads and shortcuts in the city and state in which he is applying for a job, and a thorough understanding of the apps and technology associated with driving.

Discretion and a thorough knowledge of chauffeur etiquette are key requirements.

A chauffeur is a trusted member of the family and often is exposed to personal and private matters related to the business and family. All chauffeurs with British American Household Staffing are interviewed and screened for discretion and loyalty, two vital character traits necessary for a private driver.

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Personal Chauffeur Driving High-End Car
Private Chauffeur Opening Car Door

Private Chauffeur Services

If you are looking to hire a private chauffeur or personal driver, please submit your information below or call your local office.

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