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What are House Managers?

A house manager is typically responsible for all staff in a single property. They will organize staff schedules, which often include the housekeepers (executive housekeepers and regular housekeepers or laundresses) and nannies. A house manager is usually responsible for attending to most staff-related issues within that particular property. Their responsibilities may also overlap with those of a butler, property manager or personal assistant. They deal with vendors, preempt maintenance issues and ensure the smooth running of the household.

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What are the duties of a House Manager?

Along with managing the daily upkeep, a house manager will oversee the domestic staff in a single home. This involves managing staff schedules, training the housekeeping staff, and keeping the household manual updated. They will make sure the home always has the necessary staffing coverage and will often deal with last minute changes, such as finding coverage or filling in themselves if a staff member is absent.

A house manager will deal with any gripes the domestic staff may have and keep a healthy barrier between the staff and the family or principal. They essentially act the same way a manager would in a business. Managing staff is time consuming and the responsibility increases the larger the staff in the home. A house manager will screen, hire and fire domestic staff, and manage the legalities involved. A butler often takes on these duties in a more formal home.

The house manager will be in charge of events, help serve, ensure all dinners and parties are fully serviced, oversee the chef’s menu, manage the housekeeping staff, and oversee the wine management and selection. They will also assist any construction by outside vendors as well as managing interior work by overseeing and working in tandem with vendors such as interior designers.

Sometimes a house manager will oversee the care of the principal’s fine wardrobe and couture clothing. They will often leave with the family and staff for a holiday period, such as managing the Hamptons home and staff through the summer.


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What does a House Manager not do?

A house manager will not –

  • organize the wardrobes, draws, cupboards
  • administer payroll
  • book personal appointments such as hair, doctor’s appointments, etc.
  • do any personal shopping
  • oversee HR duties beyond scheduling the domestic staff in the one property
  • help, change, or cancel travel plans for the family

Hiring A House Manager

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“This is a wonderful agency!!I have a seven-year-old daughter and the team at BAHS has helped me with different nannies for the different stages of her development and, tutors and occasional staffing needs. Once you are part of the BAHS family they will truly work with you to support your family and get you the best possible staff – and always make you feel understood and with respect for your privacy.”

– SR, Client

“I recently utilized this agency to help me find a nanny for my six year old son.  I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the service at BAHS.  They really listened to my needs, and only sent me candidates who met my criteria and who were really interested in working with my family.  The agency’s responsiveness, attention to detail and ability to be discrete was top notch.  While I hope our current nanny stays with us as long as we need, I would use this agency again if I ever have additional staffing needs.”

-CA, Client