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What is a Nanny?

A nanny is a professional childcare specialist. They will have a substantial amount of childcare experience working with private families. Nannies may also be certified in newborn care, CPR & first aid, and may have taken classes or courses related to childhood care.

Career nannies may hold a degree in education or psychology. In England, many qualified nannies and governesses will hold a NNEB certificate which involves training on all forms of childcare from infant to special needs and places an emphasis on fieldwork. The Norland Nanny school also stands as a gold standard of nanny training in the UK. Learn more about Norland Nannies.

Are you looking for a nanny? British American Household Staffing is the leading nanny staffing agency that provides the highest quality nannies. Our team of executive recruiters works closely with you and your family to find the best nanny. All of our nanny candidates are thoroughly screened and all have experience caring for children in a formal home. Contact us to start the hiring process. 

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Why work with a Nanny Agency?

Save Time

At British American Household Staffing, our expert team sources qualified candidates and conducts a rigorous screening and interviewing process. Through our vetting process, you won’t waste time meeting nannies that are not a good fit for your family. Reference screening and background checks are also handled by our team of nanny recruiters to ensure only the highest-quality candidates meet with our families.

Expert Attention to Details

A nanny placement agency acts as an HR department dedicated to the success of your home. BAHS’s expert placement specialists will be able to understand your needs and help identify what traits to look for in a nanny. You will be supported through the entire hiring process; including advisement on salaries, benefits, schedule and any relevant tax information in your state.

Third Party Perspective and Personalized Care

BAHS’s belief in matchmaking sets us apart from other nanny agencies. Our high-profile nanny agency will work with you to understand your family’s needs and match you with a nanny that can provide high-quality service and care. For us, success is a placement that results in a contented family and a nanny who enjoys long-term job fulfillment.

Understanding each family’s specific needs are necessary in order to match the perfect nanny. What are the ages of the children? Would a nanny specializing in education and tutoring be ideal? Does the family travel extensively?  Beyond the basic duties, our expert recruiters will assess what kind of nanny would be the best fit for your home. Would a high-energy nanny that can keep up with busy schedules be best? Or would your children thrive with a calm, quiet presence?


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What Type of Nanny Do You Need?

Understanding each family’s specific needs are necessary in order to match the perfect nanny. What are the ages of the children? Would a nanny specializing in education and tutoring be ideal? Does the family travel extensively? Do the children need full-charge care? Would a high-energy nanny that can keep up with busy schedules be best? Or would your children thrive with a calm, quiet presence? Do you employ other staff in your home and need a team player, or a nanny that works best autonomously and knows what to do with little direction?

Beyond the basic nanny duties, many experienced candidates bring further expertise. Depending on your needs and a nanny’s qualifications, your home may benefit from one of the following types of nannies:

Full Time Nanny

The most common kind of nanny is one that works full-time with one family. Exact schedule depends on the family, but full time nannies most often care for the children while the parents are at work and/or handling household management beyond childcare. Learn more about live-in nannies here.

Part Time Nanny

Part-time nannies offer much needed support for busy families that need afterschool or weekend childcare. Afterschool pickups and transportation is a usual responsibility for part-time nannies.


Many of BAHS’s nannies have extensive backgrounds in education and childhood development. A nanny-tutor will be able to prioritize educational activities and work with each child’s unique learning styles to foster an engaging environment. Many nanny-tutors also speak a second or third language and can instill a multi-lingual approach to childcare.

Travel Nanny

For on-the-go families, a nanny well-versed in traveling is essential. A travel nanny will know how to pack, arrange travel, manage children through transit hubs and be able to problem solve in an unfamiliar environment when necessary. Learn more about travel nannies here. 

ROTA Nanny 

ROTA nannies are right for families looking for uninterrupted 24/7 care; ROTA nannies are experienced, highly organized and communicative, and are able to build close bonds with the children given the amount of time they spend together. Parents with demanding jobs or unexpected travel schedules often choose ROTA nannies for the flexibility they offer. Learn more about ROTA nannies here. 

Nanny/Personal Assistant

The nanny that can take on personal assistant tasks can be a big help for busy families with older children that don’t need as much attention. Your nanny/personal assistant’s first priority will be childcare, but when they children are at school or afterschool activities, they will be able to help out in other ways in your home. Errand running, calendar coordination and household organization tasks can be given to a Nanny/PA, sometimes called a Family Assistant.

Newborn Nanny

Nannies that specialize in newborn care have extensive experience with newborns, infants and toddlers. They will understand the specific needs of each child’s development stage and be able to navigate each stage’s unique challenges.

Still not sure exactly what type of nanny your home needs? Contact our office to be connected with an expert recruiter that can assess your needs and recommend the right nanny for your family.


We are the leading nanny staffing agency in the United States.

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Work With A High-Profile Nanny Agency

Because every family’s needs are different, our commitment as your nanny agency is to provide expert service that saves you time, ensures all details are in order and matches a nanny that compliments your home and unique needs. We believe that if both sides of the placement – family and nanny – are beyond satisfied in their placement, the relationship will be happier, more successful and longer-lasting.

If you are looking to hire a Nanny, please submit your information or call our office.

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“This is a wonderful agency!!I have a seven-year-old daughter and the team at BAHS has helped me with different nannies for the different stages of her development and, tutors and occasional staffing needs. Once you are part of the BAHS family they will truly work with you to support your family and get you the best possible staff – and always make you feel understood and with respect for your privacy.”

-SR, Client

“I recently utilized this agency to help me find a nanny for my six year old son.  I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the service at BAHS.  They really listened to my needs, and only sent me candidates who met my criteria and who were really interested in working with my family.  The agency’s responsiveness, attention to detail and ability to be discrete was top notch.  While I hope our current nanny stays with us as long as we need, I would use this agency again if I ever have additional staffing needs.”

-CA, Client

“I cannot recommend this agency enough. I am a British Nanny with twenty seven years of experience so I have encountered many agencies both here and London during my working life. It did take time for me to find the right position as I am choosy, but each time I decided a job wasn’t right for me they didn’t criticize my reasoning but just persevered in finding what would eventually be the perfect fit for me.”

-KB, Career Nanny