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​​What is a summer nanny?

A summer nanny is a temporary nanny position, typically running from Memorial Day through Labor Day, but, of course, there are situations where a shorter or longer term may make sense. In most scenarios, a family has part-time help or no coverage during the academic year for their school-age children; this schedule works well while the children are in school but leaves the family without adequate care during the long summer break. When the child’s academic school year finishes, families in this position will often hire temporary help for the summer months; this can be part-time or full-time, live-in or live-out.

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Who should hire a summer nanny?

Some families with regular full-time coverage may choose to hire a summer weekend nanny; this allows the parents to have weekend flexibility without having to find last-minute care each time a social engagement arises. Note that these positions typically have guaranteed hours and are not “on-call.” 

Childcare professionals seeking summer nanny roles are quite often either students or teachers looking for temporary work between semesters. This gives families a broad spectrum of candidates to choose from; for example, some families prefer an energetic nanny who can swim and play tennis with the children while others might request an off-season teacher who can support extended learning in the summer months.  Summer nanny roles often overlap with travel nannies and/or nanny/educator positions. 

When hiring a summer nanny, be sure to be clear and communicative upfront to avoid problems later. Discuss travel, hours, paid time off, and general house rules to make sure everyone is on the same page from the start. Doing so helps to ensure that your family can enjoy a stress-free summer! For tips on traveling with staff, visit our blog here.




What are the benefits of hiring a summer nanny?

A summer nanny allows children to enjoy a flexible and full summer, without forcing parents to change their schedules. Summer nannies can usually drive and swim; they will take children to lessons, camps, appointments, and, of course, to fun and engaging summer experiences and beach days. Most summer nannies will be prepared to travel with families and plan child-friendly itineraries in new cities. A summer nanny gives parents and children peace of mind and flexibility. You’ll often find traits like CPR, lifeguard training, camp counselor experience, and travel on summer nanny resumes. Some summer nannies may have experience caring for children aboard yacht charters.

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Summer Nanny FAQ

  • What are the responsibilities of a summer nanny? How are they different from a regular nanny?

    A summer nanny will take on all the regular duties of a year-round nanny, including childcare, transportation, discipline, planning engaging activities etc. – they should be well-versed in water and sun safety, as well as able to assist with children’s packing and organizing for trips. Most summer nannies will handle only light housekeeping related to the child; they should not be responsible for general housekeeping or cooking.


  • How do I find a summer nanny?

    British American Household Staffing has a roster of strong candidates seeking summer work on both the East and West Coasts of the US, as well as in the UK, Europe, and Middle East. As it is a temporary position, the pool of candidates that are willing to relocate will be much larger than a year-round position; be sure to offer comfortable and private accommodations for live-in caretakers.

  • When should I start my summer nanny search?

    We recommend families start their search at least 1 month before the summer – although 6-8 weeks is ideal. Earlier is always best, especially if you’re looking for a specific type of candidate, second language proficiency, or an unusual schedule. Demand for summer nannies is quite high every year and top candidates book quickly so we recommend starting early and being flexible about any aspects of the role that you can be. Our recruiters would be happy to talk to you about your specific needs.

  • How much does a summer nanny cost?

    As with permanent year-round nannies, the cost varies from city to city and based on the experience of each candidate. A BAHS recruiter can advise what the market rate is in your area. Expect to pay more for travel, live-in, weekends, and long hours.

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