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What is a ROTA nanny?

A ROTA nanny is an experienced, high quality childcare professional who provides 24/7 care consistently for a predetermined amount of time, usually between 1-3 weeks then has that same amount of time off while another ROTA nanny takes over in her absence. The two nannies regularly switch off and on in that rotational system; they communicate to one another to ensure seamless care. Of course, there are variations on this schedule– some ROTA nannies work 12-hour shifts, and a second caregiver handles the evenings; some work alone during their shifts while others will be supplemented by a second nanny, depending on the number of children and scope of responsibilities. Contact us now to have our recruiters help you assess what is best for your family’s lifestyle. 

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What type of family is a ROTA nanny right for?

ROTA nannies are right for families looking for uninterrupted 24/7 care; ROTA nannies are experienced, highly organized and communicative, and are able to build close bonds with the children given the amount of time they spend together. Parents with demanding jobs or unexpected travel schedules often choose ROTA nannies for the flexibility they offer. They are also a great choice for families who spend an extended amount of time at sea on their yacht. In any situation where a family requires extended care, ROTA nannies are the recommended arrangement as the family’s needs are met without risking employee well-being. Rest and time off for personal endeavors are critical to an employee’s happiness and to longevity in the position.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of a ROTA nanny?

ROTA nannies assume all the same responsibilities as a typical top nanny but with extended hours. Of course, all nannies need to sleep, and ROTA nannies do so when the child does; however, they will be available for late-night emergencies or needs should the child wake. They handle all aspects of childcare, discipline, homework help, planning activities etc.; ROTA nannies do not handle general housekeeping or cooking. While on shift, ROTA nannies are expected to be extremely organized, flexible, and full charge. They learn and understand the dynamics of the family and ensure childcare is handled according to the parent’s wishes.

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  • How does hiring ROTA nannies work? How much do you pay a ROTA nanny?

    Once you decide a ROTA nanny is right for your family, you’ll begin the search, likely for two nannies. Sometimes you may find a team of nannies who have worked together before but in most scenarios, clients will be interviewing separate candidates for the two roles. You may find one before the other and in those situations, BAHS can help find temporary coverage as you continue your second search. Despite the stretches of time off, this position is an extremely demanding one that requires an all-in attitude while working and these nannies command top salaries and benefits. Ask your recruiter what the range is for your area.

  • Do ROTA nannies travel?

    Most ROTA nannies will travel as needed with a family during their scheduled shifts. Typically, families will handle transportation back to the nanny’s home destination when their shift is over and bring the second nanny in.

    Many ROTA nannies on our roster speak a second language; please let your recruiter know if you’d like to search for a bilingual nanny who can help better navigate foreign travel and build your child’s language skills.

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  • In what areas does BAHS offer ROTA nannies?

    BAHS works with ROTA nannies across the US, Europe, and the Middle East, with offices in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London; we can help find nannies in any location worldwide. Let your recruiter know if you’re open to relocating top talent from other areas; while this may be more costly in the near-term, the investment is well worth it if the nanny is a long-term fit.


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If you’re looking for a ROTA nanny job, please visit our job board.

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