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How do bilingual nannies differ from other nannies?

A bilingual nanny is a nanny that speaks two languages, and a multilingual nanny typically speaks 3+ languages. The most requested bilingual nannies are nannies that speak both English and either Spanish, French, Arabic, or Mandarin. However, we have nannies on our roster who speak a range of other languages, including Russian, Farsi, Hindi, Italian, and more.

Bilingual nannies perform all the typical duties of a regular nanny but also help children learn a second or third language by speaking to them regularly in that language and adding in frequent opportunities to learn and practice the language in their day-to-day activities.

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Who is a bilingual nanny right for?

Although a bilingual nanny is an asset for any family, there are two main scenarios where clients tend to specifically seek out a bilingual nanny.

One is a situation where one or both parents speak a second language and/or spend a significant amount of time in a country where the primary language is different than the child’s primary language. In this case, the bilingual nanny is beneficial as she can not only help support the child’s language development but also assist in travel arrangements and navigating foreign cities etc.

The second scenario is one where the parents may not speak the second language of choice but would like their child to learn a second language and be supported in this from a young age. The best-case scenario is one where a child is taking structured language classes in school or through a well-regarded institution and this is supplemented by immersion learning with the nanny.  Countless studies demonstrate the benefits of learning a second language and bilingual nannies can help support a child in this journey.




What are the benefits of hiring a bilingual nanny?

There are a multitude of benefits of hiring a bilingual nanny, including cognitive benefits, cultural benefits, and even economic benefits. Studies show that children who learn a second language benefit from increased focus, better memory, higher confidence, stronger problem-solving abilities, and better academic performance long-term.

Culturally, a bilingual nanny helps children learn about different customs and countries from a young age; this helps inspire curiosity and tends to make children more open-minded, social, and empathetic in the long term. Finally, while a bilingual nanny may require a higher salary than a single-language nanny, families will save money on language tutors and other supplemental language programs.

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Bilingual Nanny FAQ

  • What is the salary range for a bilingual nanny?

    As with all nannies, the compensation range will vary depending on the years of experience, the language(s) spoken, the schedule and rigor of the job, and the job market in your area. While bilingual nannies may demand a slightly higher salary than nannies who speak a single language, families will typically save money in the long run on language tutors and additional courses. 

  • What is the schedule for a bilingual nanny?

    As with any type of nanny, a bilingual nanny can work full-time, part-time, or a ROTA schedule. You’ll typically have the largest range of options if you set a full-time schedule with two days off in a row, ideally Saturday and Sunday. Many of our bilingual and multilingual nannies are ready and willing to travel as needed.

  • How can I hire a bilingual nanny?

    British American Household Staffing has a large roster of bilingual and multilingual nannies in cities across the U.S., including New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco, as well as in the UK, across Europe, and in the UAE.

    If you’re seeking a language that is less common, we recommend allowing flexibility in other aspects of the job description, if possible, in order to increase the chances of a large pool of strong candidates. Our recruiters can advise on your specific search. 

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If you’re looking for a bilingual nanny job, please visit our job board.

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