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Emma Hopkinson Wearing Norland Nanny Uniform

Photo of our very own Senior Placement Specialist, Norland Nanny Emma Hopkinson.

What is a Norland nanny?

A Norland Nanny is a childcare professional that has graduated from Norland College in Bath, England. The prestigious school has offered a rigorous and in-depth childcare training program for over a century. Founded in 1892 by schoolteacher Emily Ward, it was the first college to offer any kind of childcare training. In 2019 it was named the best independent higher education provider in the UK at the Whatuni Student Choice Awards (WUSCAs).

Norland Nannies take part in cutting edge training through an academic Childhood Development degree and a skill-based diploma program combining the most up to date research and knowledge with extensive practical training, which includes Safeguarding and Child Protection, Promoting Health and Wellbeing, Making Sense of Children’s Behavior, and Working with Families and Communities. The school also prepares students for real-world work by educating them in cooking, driving, First Aid, baby massage, and more. Contact us now to start the process of hiring a Norland Nanny.

If you’re a Norland Nanny looking for a job, please visit our job board.

What distinguishes a Norland Nanny from a traditional nanny?

Visibly, Norland Nannies are easy to spot by their smart uniforms, which are worn at all times during schooling and training, and by request when working with families after graduation. In terms of responsibilities in the home, their on-duty tasks are typically the same as or quite similar to a traditional nanny – the value added comes from their additional skills and knowledge gained during their years at Norland. They have been trained to be flexible, imaginative, and resourceful; a Norland Nanny can put together a child’s birthday party at the last minute or come up with a creative game to distract a child during an unexpected wait at the airport. They are great at thinking on their feet and handling any situation with professionalism. Norland Nannies mix an academic understanding of children with real-world practice and thus ensure children are meeting age and stage appropriate developmental goals.

Norland nannies are trained to adhere to a strict code of professionalism and care; the code highlights safety, respect, privacy, honesty, and clear communication.

Just like traditional nannies, Norland Nannies work a variety of schedules, including live-in and live-out nanny roles, ROTA positions, travel work, and more. If you would like to learn more about other types of nannies, visit this page.

Norland Nanny Carrying Baby On Her Laps
Norland Nanny Carrying Baby On Her Laps

Photo of our very own in-house Norland consultant, Laura Andersen.

Laura Andersen Wearing Her Norland Nanny Uniform

Is a Norland Nanny right for my family? Why should I hire a Norland Nanny?

If you’re looking for a top-notch, professional caregiver, a Norland Nanny might be right for you. Many families request a “Mary Poppins” type nanny, and the Norland Nanny is the embodiment of this in the real world.

Those who employ a Norland Nanny are seeking reliable, consistent, and autonomous care. A Norland Nanny will, of course, follow all guidelines and wishes of the parents but are perfectly capable of working autonomously, bringing their own knowledge to the table, and adjusting to fast-paced situations. They are known for the thoughtful, high-level care they provide families. If you have a young child and are looking for this level of care, contact BAHS today to discuss hiring a Norland Nanny.

Norland Nanny FAQ

  • How do I hire a Norland nanny?

    British American Household Staffing works with Norland Nannies in the US, UK, and around the world. We have placed nannies in homes in New York, Miami, San Francisco, London, Geneva, Paris, and Dubai. Contact us today to begin your search.

    BAHS also has a Norland Nanny Consultant on staff to assist families who have questions or may need advice on particular issues or situations.

  • How long is Norland Nanny’s training?

    A Norland Nanny spends three years training at Norland College followed by 12 months as a probationary nanny before receiving their degree.

  • How much does it cost to hire a Norland Nanny?

    As with any hire, a Norland Nanny’s salary depends on the schedule, number of children, responsibilities, and location, as well as the number of years of experience of the caregiver. BAHS can advise what the average market rate is in your area.

  • Can Norland Nannies work overseas?

    Norland Nannies can work worldwide as long as a visa is provided by the employer, or if they are otherwise legal to work in that country.

Employ A Norland Nanny

If you are looking to find a Norland Nanny, please submit your information or call your local office.

If you want to explore more types of nannies, click here.

If you’re a Norland Nanny looking for a job, please visit our job board.

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