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What is a nanny/tutor?

A nanny/tutor or nanny/educator can take different forms based on the needs of the family and the child. In some instances, a family might seek a nanny/tutor who takes care of all nanny duties but also is equipped to help with academic studies, and often the pursuit of a second language. A nanny/educator typically has a stronger background in education and can educate the child in the home (or act as support to virtual learning) or help with rigorous coursework. These candidates will typically help with nanny responsibilities, as well – such as driving the children to and from activities, assisting with mealtime, and keeping the child’s room organized.

Many of BAHS’s nannies have extensive backgrounds in education and childhood development. A nanny-tutor will be able to prioritize educational activities and work with each child’s unique learning styles to foster an engaging environment. Many nanny-tutors and educators are bilingual or multilingual and can instill a multi-lingual environment for your child(ren).

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What are the duties of nanny/tutors?

As with any nanny, the nanny/tutor or nanny/educator is first and foremost charged with caring for the child’s safety and well-being. Secondly, they will engineer activities and schedules geared toward the academic development of the child; depending on the circumstances, they may tutor the child in a particular language or subject or they may act as solid support to their school studies. They will assist in seeking out additional extra-curricular activities to help the child develop and let the parents know of any problems. They will thoughtfully build educational opportunities into all parts of the day by organizing creative activities and adventures that allow children to learn and engage with the world around them in different ways. Depending on the age of the child, they may assist with college admission preparations.


Nanny/Tutor Reading A Book To Toddler


What is the benefit of hiring a nanny/educator or nanny/tutor?

Investing in your child’s education and love for learning will bring lifelong benefits.

A nanny/tutor or nanny/educator will go out of their way to create an environment where your child will constantly be engaged and learning. They will intentionally plan games, activities, and outings that are both enjoyable but also educational. The goal is to help children develop a deep curiosity and interest in the world around them, and to set them up for future academic success. 

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Nanny/Tutor FAQ

  • What is the difference between a governess, nanny/tutor, nanny/educator, and a private educator?

    A nanny/tutor is not a replacement for school and is not used in place of a full-time teacher. Instead, a nanny/tutor is a caregiver who can provide extra academic support for a child. A nanny/educator will take on a more academic role than a tutor but will also fulfill nanny duties. A nanny/educator is quite close to the role of a governess; both require an educational background and both roles are responsible for ensuring children meet academic and intellectual milestones. A governess will typically have a larger emphasis on cultural education as well, including manners and etiquette, but, of course, this depends on the candidate as many nanny/educators are skilled in this area. 

    A private educator is often a better choice if you’re looking for someone to fulfill the role of a full-time teacher; a private educator will create a curriculum and be entirely responsible for education but will not assist with nanny responsibilities. If you’re unsure what is right for your family, our recruiters are here to help you navigate your particular circumstances and find the right solution. 

  • How can I hire a nanny/educator?

    British American Household Staffing has a roster of candidates with various levels of education backgrounds to support your family. Whether you’re seeking a loving nanny to help with homework or a nanny/educator to create a structured second-language plan, we can help. We have candidates in major cities in the US, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco, as well as in London, Paris, and in the United Arab Emirates. We also have a number of candidates who are ready and willing to relocate to meet your family’s needs.

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