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We provide experienced, qualified, and formally trained household staff including nannies, governesses, butlers, newborn care specialists and baby nurses, personal assistants, housekeepers, private chefs, household and estate managers, and chauffeurs.

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Our priority is to make placements that are likely to endure. We have experience across the spectrum of household staff positions, from housekeepers, butlers, and personal assistants to newborn care specialists, baby nurses and nannies. The breadth and experience of our pool of candidates make us confident that we can service households of all sizes.

We are continuously adding to our extensive talent database. The majority of our candidate base is through internal referrals, from BAHS clients and other BAHS candidates. As we hold offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Beach and London, we are constantly increasing our database of high-quality candidates through cross-referrals from relocating or potential relocating candidates, giving us the widest reach in the domestic staffing industry worldwide.

We advertise widely in newspapers (both mass circulation and local publications) as well as specialist career websites (including CareerBuilder, Idealist, and Monster). We have strong partnerships with professional groups such as major personal assistant associations in New York and Los Angeles and the Personal Assistant Association in San Francisco.

BAHS also maintains strong ties within the yachting world. We are represented at all the major yachting events including the Monaco Yacht Show, and we have a large number of yachting candidates who move into the domestic staffing industry. Candidates with a yachting background are some of the highest quality applicants on our roster.

All potential candidates are carefully interviewed and vetted by the BAHS team to ensure we are in a position to offer clients high quality and experienced household staff.


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Nannies & Governesses

A nanny or governess is a trained professional childcare specialist. They will have a substantial amount of childcare experience and will often hold a degree related to childhood education.

Career nannies may hold a master's degree in education or psychology. In England, many qualified nannies and governesses will hold a NNEB certificate which involves training on all forms of childcare from infant to special needs and places an emphasis on fieldwork. The Norland Nanny school also stands as a standard of nanny training in the UK.

Nannies who focus on caring for school-age children and educational instruction are often referred to as governesses. It is common for experienced governesses to be able to speak and teach a second or third language.


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In-Home Teachers & Educators

In-home teachers and educators are specialized educators with experience teaching children from the age of 3 to 18. Some specialise in specific age groups. Our in-home teachers have taught in either private or public schools and are able to create and implement curriculums specific to the children's current school or school the children are planning to attend.  In home teachers for high school are able to help children prepare for the SATs. Tutors are experienced in home-schooling and also creating curriculums. They have age-specific, high-level education experience ensuring children are always ahead academically.


Pod Learning Solutions

Smaller learning Pods are a safe solution during school closures that maintain a clean and nurturing environment for children. Children are able to progress academically while also continuing to develop socialisation skills with peers.

Pods consist of 2-8 children with one educator. We are happy to connect you with other families looking to form an at-home learning pod. Contact us to start your search or learn more about pod learning.

Home Health Aides

Home health aides provide health-related services to principals in need of support in order to live independently in their home. Aides’ responsibilities may include assistance with various daily tasks, administering medication, and monitoring the general health and well-being of an individual. Home health aides do not always hold a nursing degree, many hold a certificate and extensive experience in elderly care.  We have home health aides with experience in dementia, Alzheimer's, mobility issues, paralysis as well as experience with autism and cerebral palsy. Home health aides often work in either 12 or 24 hours shifts. They often work with a second relief aide who covers weekends or the second 12 hour shift.

Nanny Placement Consultations

Besides guiding you through the process of figuring out what you need and how to best go about finding the perfect candidate, our placements specialists are also available to take on the more overwhelming and tedious parts of the process. Our team can screen all resumes presented (in an unbiased manner from whatever sources you choose) and do initial interviews with candidates for you. Feedback on fit, strengths, questions to ask, and potential challenges (all customized to your unique situation) are given at each step. 


These services include help structuring schedules, clarifying job responsibilities, establishing household standards and guidelines, and educating caregivers in child development and personal parent preference.


These services can be booked individually or in packages of various sizes depending on your needs.

Newborn Care Specialists

Newborn care specialists (NCS) are often referred to as baby nurses or maternity nurses. These childcare professionals specialise in infant and newborn care. Most NCSs will hold a newborn care certification and extensive training in topics including:  breastfeeding, exploring alternate feeding methods, sleep training, bonding, lactation, psychological development, and more.

NCSs provide around the clock care for infants from newborn up to one year. They will work to establish a sleeping and feeding pattern with the infant, typically working 24-hour or 12-hour shifts. Newborn care is an help to new mothers as they recuperate and adjust to life with baby. NCSs and baby nurses can also be invaluable help to parents who choose to have a baby through a surrogate.

Some newborn care specialists are multiple specialists; well versed in twin and triplet care. They can work alongside a doula or be a trained doula in addition to newborn care. Tenures may range from 3 weeks to the first year. Their duties are often transferred to a nanny once the infants are on a structured sleeping and feeding schedule.

It is good practice to hire your newborn care specialist when your doctor confirms your due date. Most NCSs are booked up to a year in advance, so planning early will make certain you are matched with the ideal care-giver. Arranging your care early will also mean more time to enjoy pregnancy or preparation time for the family.


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Newborn Care Consultations

Our in-house consultant can come to your home for a consultation, help understand your needs, screen nannies and newborn care and help ease the transition back to work or back to a life balance. Specialised placement assistance includes:


  • In home meeting in order to help determine priorities and needs. Can spend half day in home with parents and staff, etc.
  • Assistance crafting detailed job description and schedule(s) and requirements (twin, triplet, single, desired skills etc.)
  • Meeting with existing or leaving staff and children to assess climate and personality fit
  • Assistance with interviews (help forming questions and topics, sit-in on interviews, observe trials, feedback for family on candidates.)


 A family can book a consultant on a short or long-term basis.


The word ‘doula’ comes from the ancient Greek term meaning ‘a woman who serves other women’. Today the term ‘doula’ refers to a trained professional who assists a woman and her partner before, during, and after pregnancy and childbirth. They provide support, compassion, and relief of pain and stress during the prenatal, labor, and postpartum periods, acting as a coach and guide throughout.

Research has found that assistance from a doula during labor results in fewer complications and a more seamless aftercare. Above all, a birth doula recognizes that the experience for the mother is a life-changing and memorable event. They will assist with all aspects of newborn and infant care such as emotional support and physical comfort as well as assisting in breastfeeding and lactation.

A postpartum doula offers ongoing support for the mother and newborn. They will be able to work alongside family doctors and midwife to provide holistic care and instruct techniques for soothing, latching, coping, and all post-birth infant care. Studies have shown postpartum doulas greatly reduce postpartum depression and other potential mood disorders that can follow birth.


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Personal Assistants

Employing a personal assistant is essential for busy families, couples, and professionals. Qualified assistants understand the “around the clock” needs that busy individuals maintain. Duties vary from managing the family calendar, being in charge of personal shopping, planning events, paying bills, arranging travel, handling investments and philanthropic accounts, and even working in the office of the family business.

The personal assistant may hire and train other household staff. They may also oversee some bookkeeping and vendor management. Above all, a personal assistant should be an excellent gate-keeper and highly discreet with extensive experience in a formal, private, and busy residence. 


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A housekeeper’s duties will be specific to the home they are working in. While many cleaning services and on-call cleaners are excellent for last minute tidying or once-over deep cleanings, there is a distinct difference between a housekeeper and a cleaner. A trained housekeeper will bring their knowledge base of formal serving, table setting, organizing, and high-quality care for furniture and artwork. They will also be skilled in washing and ironing clothing.

A distinction between a housekeeper and an executive housekeeper is the latter's experience managing other household staff. An executive housekeeper will have worked on teams of household staff and overseen other housekeepers. Household finances are often handled by the executive housekeeper along with stocking the pantries and overseeing any vendors or contract workers coming into the home.

When beginning your search to hire a housekeeper, consider your home and prioritize your needs. Our expert team is happy to guide you through the entire process.


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Professional butler duties vary and may include, but are not limited to, managerial responsibilities, keeping accounts, marketing, and maintaining the wardrobe for the principals of the residence. A butler will be well versed in etiquette, serving and have thorough understanding of formal home care. They are traditionally hired to oversee one estate or home and will support the principal while often overseeing other household staff.

An experienced butler will possess a strong understanding of wines, wine and food pairings, and will understand and often train other staff in formal service, including formal table setting, serving and more. Many have attended a specialised school for butler training and may hold a certificate in wine specialization. It is not uncommon for a butler to hold a degree in the Culinary Arts. 

They are often the most formal member of the domestic staff categories and will help maintain traditions in a formal home or estate. A butler will understand how to write and manage a schedule for household staff and often acts as a household manager.


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Private Chefs

A private chef will hold a degree from a reputable culinary school and will typically have a minimum of four years experience in a domestic setting. Their overall responsibility is to prepare meals for an individual or family. They may live-in with the family to provide on-call service or plan weekly meals according to a set schedule. A common schedule for a private chef is to work mid-morning to evening in the home preparing lunch, dinner and breakfast for the next day. They will also be essential in planning any hosting event in the home and able to implement their expertise in meal planning and execution.

Private chefs work 3-5 days a week in one home for an individual or family for a long-term commitment, not for occasional or temporary needs. Busy professionals, individuals with specific dietary needs, and families juggling multiple schedules are common households that employ private chefs. Full-time chefs are commonly paid an annual salary with benefits.

A chef will usually be expected to join the family as a live-in employee during the summer, should the family have a summer residence in the Hamptons or elsewhere.  Summer work usually implies a heavier schedule covering the weekends and would usually involve preparing for large dinner parties.

Some private chefs specialise in specific foods such as vegan, vegetarian, low salt, low fat, gluten, and dairy free, or in specific cuisines such as French, Asian, Italian and more.


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Lady's Maids

A lady’s maid is a female valet who attends to the needs of the lady of the house. Her duties range from helping with dressing, make up and hair care to maintaining fine clothing, shoes, while keeping her room and study in perfect order. She may also be in charge of personal shopping and maintaining the principal's social calendar.

Some lady’s maids are trained nurses and can assist with elderly care while others specialise in caring for the lady of the house. Depending on the size of the home, she may train other staff in formal service, including formal table setting, serving, and more.

House Managers

A house manager is typically responsible for all staff in a single property. They will organize staff schedules, which often include the housekeepers (executive housekeepers and regular housekeepers or laundresses) and nannies. A house manager is usually responsible for attending to most staff-related issues within that particular property. Their responsibilities may also overlap with those of a butler, property manager or personal assistant. They deal with vendors, preempt maintenance issues and ensure the smooth running of the household.


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Estate Managers

Where there are large, multiple homes, the estate manager is the "Chief of Staff" of the entire household, carrying out the wishes of the principals at each location. Estate managers will have broad policy making authority over all household and estate operations, and manage extensive property and staff issues on a daily basis.

An estate manager may be asked to oversee such areas such as the vineyard, stables, house managers, housekeepers, the budgets and household accountants and other staff that support these operations. There is usually at least one "super yacht," a private jet to maintain and several smaller vacation homes to manage.

The estate manager will understand how to manage accounts while also be able to fill in for a staff member when necessary. Stellar team management and a respectful management approach are key for success in an Estate Manager's career.


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A chauffeur or personal driver will have several years of full time experience driving a principal. They will have an excellent knowledge of the city where the family resides, in addition to adjoining cities and neighborhoods as well as an excellent understanding of car maintenance.

Discretion and a thorough knowledge of chauffeur etiquette are also key requirements. Hours can be ad-hoc and can involve late hours, depending on the family's schedule. Some chauffeurs have a background in security.


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A domestic couple is commonly hired to look after a seasonal or secondary property. Their responsibilities include (but may not be limited to): maintenance, cooking, serving and driving. They are either given a separate cottage or provided a separated living area for the full year. Together a domestic couple can run one large home successfully and can often save the employer from needing to hire multiple staff.

Usually one person in the domestic couple is responsible for cooking, laundry, menu planning and fine wardrobe care. The other member of the couple can be responsible for maintaining the grounds, car repair and internal repairs such as plumbing. An excellent couple will comprise of both members being strong housekeepers and cooks. Usually one or both of them drive and both can run errands.


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Corporate Staffing

British American Household Staffing is now offering corporate staffing services in addition to our domestic services. We work with almost all levels of corporate staffing from executive assistants, human resource managers and accountants to marketing directors and more principle roles, such as CFOs or COOs.

Contact our office to learn more about these C-suite roles and to find the right corporate staff for your home and business.

Interior Designers

A quality interior designer will work with the creative vision of the family and will collaborate with a team who also shares the ability to understand the family’s vision and style. The execution and delivery should be seamless and enjoyable, which occurs with a clear and constant communication between designer and family.  BAHS represents designers who understand a plethora of styles, from British formal, urban to countryside, French salon to modern minimalistic and loft-like artistic.

Yacht Crew

British American Household Staffing specializes in providing experienced and professional yacht crew for yachts of all sizes. We have an extensive roster of stewards and stewardesses, deckhands, engineers, mates, chefs, and captains and work with yachts of all sizes.

household staffing services household staffing services household staffing services