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Along with providing premiere household staffing services, we also specialize in international yacht crew placement, brokerage, and chartering.

Headed by seasoned yacht industry professionals, our Yacht Crew Agency provides experienced, qualified, and formally trained yacht crew. 

Our worldwide access and network of 5-star crew members ensure our placements are met with longevity. We have staff on our roster equipped to work on both internationally and domestically registered vessels, motor yachts as well as sailing yachts, and vessels of all sizes, including 180 ft + mega yachts. We staff short-term charters, as well as full-time year-round positions.  Contact us today to hire yacht crew. 


Yacht Crew Positions

Yacht Crew 

We have an extensive roster of stewards and stewardesses, deckhands, engineers, mates, chefs, and captains. All yacht staff must have a superb understanding of hospitality, excellent communication skills, and be unwavering in their discretion and confidentiality; many are multilingual. 


The captain’s primary duty on any yacht is the safe manning and operation of the ship. Every crew member falls under the captain’s ultimate command. They will also plan the vessel’s route and itinerary, respond to changes in weather, oversee all repairs, upgrades and refits, make decisions regarding the crew, develop and adhere to a budget, and negotiate with harbor officials at all ports. This is one of the most critical hires you can make for your vessel.  

1st Mate 

The 1st mate (sometimes known as 1st officer or chief mate) works directly under the captain to support the yacht. The 1st mate will assist the captain with administrative and safety duties, manage the deck crew and maintain crew discipline, arrange regular safety drills, and stand in for captain in his absence.  

2nd Mate 

This staff member will fill in for the first officer as necessary. They will keep charts and publications up to date, monitors navigation and radio equipment, undertake bridge watches, and may also be the designated security, safety, or medical officer depending on the size of the yacht.  


The engineer is responsible for the safety of the engine room, as well as all mechanical and electrical maintenance onboard. The engineer will supervise engine repairs and rehauls, train other engineers as needed, and coordinate the maintenance schedule for all major systems aboard, including HVAC etc.  


The deckhand ensures the exterior of the yacht is in pristine condition and working order. They typically also clean and maintain any water toys onboard, including jet skis etc. They may also assist the bosun and mate in maintenance projects, including sanding and taping for varnishing, painting, caulking, and filling.  

Chief Steward(ess) 

The chief steward(ess) is the senior crew member working in the steward’s department of a vessel; they report directly to the captain. The chief steward trains and manages any lower-ranking stews under his or her supervision and is ultimately responsible for the interior of the vessel and overall level of hospitality onboard.  


The stewards and stewardesses are responsible for attending to all guests onboard and general upkeep of the yacht interior. They will handle food and drink service, including bar service and silver service, oversee the cleaning of all accommodations and cabin preparations, arrange flowers, obtain local currency, and arrange trips and transport for guests.  


A purser is more common on large and mega yachts. The purser will handle HR, payroll, accounting, bookkeeping, and general crew management. They will work with the various heads of departments to ensure smooth, efficient management of financial matters and purchasing and provisioning logistics.  


As with a typical private chef, a yacht chef will manage all food ordering, stocking, and preparation. The chef will plan and execute guest and crew meals, manage food safety and storage standards aboard the vessel, keep up to date galley and food inventory, manage galley staff, and adhere to the budget.  


Families may choose to employ a second nanny in place of or in addition to their full-time nanny to manage and care for children while on board the yacht. This person may act as backup if 24/7 care is needed or may simply be more experienced as a travel nanny. Many travel nannies are multi-lingual and can plan educational excursions and activities for children in your intended destinations or onboard the vessel. 



Charter Yacht On The Ocean
Charter Yacht On The Ocean

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We specialize in international yacht crew placement, brokerage, and chartering.

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“This is a wonderful agency!!I have a seven-year-old daughter and the team at BAHS has helped me with different nannies for the different stages of her development and, tutors and occasional staffing needs. Once you are part of the BAHS family they will truly work with you to support your family and get you the best possible staff – and always make you feel understood and with respect for your privacy.”

– SR, Client

“I recently utilized this agency to help me find a nanny for my six year old son.  I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the service at BAHS.  They really listened to my needs, and only sent me candidates who met my criteria and who were really interested in working with my family.  The agency’s responsiveness, attention to detail and ability to be discrete was top notch.  While I hope our current nanny stays with us as long as we need, I would use this agency again if I ever have additional staffing needs.”

-CA, Client

“I cannot recommend this agency enough. I am a British Nanny with twenty seven years of experience so I have encountered many agencies both here and London during my working life. It did take time for me to find the right position as I am choosy, but each time I decided a job wasn’t right for me they didn’t criticize my reasoning but just persevered in finding what would eventually be the perfect fit for me.”

-KB, Career Nanny