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’Covid has created a rising demand for the modern-day Mary Poppins – and all manner of other domestic staff too!’

British American Household Staffing are proud to feature this week in British publication The Telegraph.

Anita Rogers, BAHS agency founder and CEO invites you to take a glimpse into the strategies and success behind her premier agency and why the recent pandemic has given clients a new perspective and a desirable domain for a more manageable and comfortable life at home.

Interview highlights:

“After more than a decade’s experience in pairing families with household staff, Rogers’ exclusive agency has earned a reputation for being able to meet every need and handle any situation.”

“We’ve seen an increased demand for nannies and governesses with a background in child psychology,” says Rogers. “That’s very, very popular now. It’s about checking a child’s development every step of the way and making sure that they’re hitting all the milestones.”

“Oh, and should you wish to hire a light aircraft or a yacht – “hugely in demand right now because people can escape the pandemic that way” – BAHS can organise that too.”

See the full interview written by Celia Walden