As states are reassessing their readiness and beginning their reopening plans, families are ready for a break from the city and a return to a sense of normality. For many, that means packing up and spending the summer in the Hamptons.

There are many options for hiring and onboarding household staff for the Hamptons during this time. Our expert recruiters are happy to guide you through your options and find the right solution for your family. It could be that you interview remotely, implement strict quarantine for you and your staff before moving, or finding ways to minimize physical interaction. A large home with only essential staff will still require a house manager, housekeeper(s), chef, and nannies for the children.

This summer may need an all-hands-on deck approach and staff that are happy to be flexible with duties and schedules. While the decision to overlap roles is understandable in our current situation, we encourage that your family still maintain boundaries and help domestic staff avoid burnout.

If you do select to hire hybrid household staff to take on the duties of multiple roles, be clear about what should be the priority and what your expectations are. A nanny may be happy to help keep your home tidy, but her utmost priority should always be the care of the children. Communicate clearly and openly about day-to-day changes as they come. We are working our way back towards some sort of normal, but there will still be days for you and your family that are more difficult. Give your staff the opportunity and space to adjust accordingly and complete their work.

The most common hybrid role for Hamptons household staff is the housekeeper/cook. This will not be a professional chef hire, but many housekeepers are happy to prepare meals and cook for the family. If you prefer a professional and dedicated chef, we recommend hiring a chef that can perform meal deliveries.

It continues to be best practice to have your household staff live-in with you during this time. Doing this ensures that your family and staff stay safe, healthy, and are able to support one another. If you have never provided living accommodations for your staff, whether in your home or elsewhere, see our tips to help make the transition smooth.

As always, we are here to help you and your family. Contact our office today to discuss your needs and find the best domestic staff to support your family this summer.

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