In these unprecedented times, we at British American Household Staffing want to offer as much peace-of-mind as possible. New parents can be overwhelmed in the best of circumstances. If you are expecting or adjusting to life with baby, we encourage you to consider hiring newborn help to provide your life with some consistency and support during upheaval.

We thoroughly screen all of our nurses and specialists and present the highest quality staff to our growing families. All of our candidates practice strict self-isolation to ensure the safety of your family. If you choose to hire newborn help, we can guide you and your caregiver through a time of isolation before transitioning into your home to greatly reduce all risks for you and your family.

Whether you are a new mom, first time parents, or expecting soon, the extra support of a night nurse or newborn care specialist provides peace of mind and expert help in your family’s transition. Contact our office with any questions you may have about hiring during these times or to begin your search.

Should I hire a night nurse?

Most new mums and dads start organizing everything in preparation for the birth as soon as the pregnancy test is positive. The questions you ask yourselves are endless: What will the baby be like? Are we ready? Should we move? Should our parents or family come and stay with us for the first few months? Can I handle my family living with us for the first few months? Will I be able to leave the baby and exercise? Should I study more about sleep training? What about breastfeeding? Should I pump? What if I can’t?

What many parents don’t know is how much a night nurse or newborn care specialist (often called a baby nurse) can help your new baby as well as you. A good night nurse or baby nurse will make sure you get enough sleep. Even more importantly, they will ensure the baby is on a schedule, feeds properly, regularly and correctly, helps the baby stay calm, and reduces anxiety in the parents, which subsequently reduces anxiety in the newborn.

They teach the parents how to structure their baby’s days and nights, resulting in a baby who enjoys the benefits of a sleep routine from very early on, which in return, will help them as a young-adults with sleep, structure and routine, invaluable for school age children, pre-teens, teens and later, adults. The baby nurse or newborn care specialist will keep your baby safe and teach you everything they know, giving you peace-of-mind when caring for your baby. The cherry on the top is that you, as parents, are able to be well-rested and enjoy the development of your baby without being sleep-deprived, anxious and exhausted.

There are several schedules and categories of newborn care specialists, sometimes referred to as “baby nurses”, “night nurses” or “maternity nurses.” They may work 12-hour overnight shifts, or 24 hour shifts with the baby. Specialists that work 24-hour shifts will either have 2 days off for every 5 days working or one 4 hour break per day.

Almost all newborn care specialists or baby nurses are hired for a minimum of three months to establish good sleep practices. Most clients who work with BAHS keep their newborn care specialists or baby nurses for six to eight months, sometimes longer.

If you are a new parent, expecting parent or parents-to-be again, do not hesitate to reach out to our educated childcare specialists. We have childcare specialists in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. They all hold degrees in Childhood Education, have extensive nanny experience with newborns and understand the intricacies of newborn care development.

Speak to one of our in-house childcare specialists today.

Find more answers to common questions on our FAQ page for newborn care.