Introducing Catch & Its Founders

This week, we sat down with Alexa Irish and Laura Speyer, co-CEOs of Catch, a free marketplace for employees who don’t receive health insurance through their job. The pair took the time to open up about the company mission, managing motherhood and entrepreneurship, and how Catch can help those seeking health insurance. As a proud partner of Catch, British American Household Staffing is pleased to offer all BAHS members premium access to the site, including free 1-on-1 support and tailored plan recommendations.

This is a great resource to share with staff – and remember,  January 16 is the open enrollment deadline so act quickly! You can explore insurance plans before her upcoming deadline here. Catch's logo


Q&A with the founders of Catch, Laura Speyer and Alexa Irish 

Alexa Irish and Laura Speyer, co-CEOs of Catch

Can you tell us a little about yourselves and why you decided to acquire Catch earlier this year?When we left our corporate jobs, we experienced for ourselves just how hard it is to get decent benefits when you’re on your own. We acquired Catch to help everyone get the great coverage they deserve, at the best prices available.

How would you describe the company’s mission?We want to make it easier for everyone to work on their own terms. Think of us as a personalized HR department, the friendly experts who help you get corporate-style benefits without the corporate job.

Do you think that people can make an informed decision about the health insurance they buy based on the information that’s out there?There’s lots of great information out there if you have the time to do extensive research and learn all the healthcare jargon – most of our members are too busy for that! We’re here to help our members save time and worry, by giving them streamlined recommendations for a full suite of coverage. You shouldn’t have to speak legalese or sift through hundreds of plans to get great healthcare.

What was the biggest hurdle you both had to overcome since you took the reins at Catch?There are so many other ways we’d love to help self-employed workers and expand our product offering, and not enough hours in the day to make it happen!

How do you manage being an entrepreneur and a mother?With lots and lots and lots of help – I have so much respect for all the incredible BAHS nannies and NCSs. Catch (and I) wouldn’t function without three amazing partnerships: Alexa, who holds down the fort during preschool dropoff, bedtime and a million other kid crises; my husband, who does way more than his fair share; and our saint of a nanny, the exceptional Helen Moon, who we met through BAHS!

Do you have any tips for nannies or domestic workers looking for health insurance?First, even if you think you earn too much to qualify, double-check to see if you can get income-based subsidies through your state. Many of our customers end up saving a lot more than they expect. Second, do NOT ignore deadline reminders from your state or your carrier! Deadlines for enrolling and paying for your health plan are often extremely strict, and if you miss them, can mean you lose coverage for the whole rest of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions About Catch

My employer isn’t covering health insurance. How can Catch help me?Catch is a one-stop shop to help you find health, dental, and vision insurance that fits your life. Share what’s most important to you, like how you plan to use your health coverage.We’ll show you the plans that work best for your needs, goals, and budget. Once you’ve chosen a plan, we’ll help you apply and enroll. We’ll also check for savings.

Do you work with many nannies? Domestic workers?Catch works with people across all industries. Nannies, founders, therapists, freelancers, photographers, writers, realtors, and more. If you are someone who buys their own health insurance, Catch is here to help.

When does open enrollment end?Open enrollment ends on January 16th for the federal marketplace. The state-based marketplaces can vary so it is important to check your state’s deadline date.

Can you only enroll once per year? If so, why?Open enrollment only happens once a year. The idea behind having a brief window is that if anyone could get health insurance whenever they wanted, then no one would get it when they were healthy, and everyone would get it when they got sick or injured. Special Enrollment (outside of Open Enrollment) is possible if you’ve recently had a big life event – lost your healthcare, got married, or moved.

How can I get started?Getting started with Catch is easy. Simply head to the dedicated BAHS page and enter some info to get rolling.

How do I know which plan to choose?Picking the right plan varies depending on you. The plans exist on a spectrum. On one end, Platinum plans offer the highest premiums but the lowest cost for care. On the other, Bronze plans offer lower premiums but higher costs for care.

How does the VIP access work if I’m a candidate of BAHS?BAHS candidates have direct access to a dedicated benefits advisor who will review their information and help them pick the best plan that fits their needs.

Do you work with every state in the US?Yes, we work in all 50 states.

Your service is available at no cost. What’s the catch?There is no catch! We believe that everyone should have access to quality healthcare while understanding what they are buying and what their benefits are.

VIP access when you’re part of British American Household Staffing includes:

-Tailored plan recommendations

-Custom benefits advisor

-1-on-1 support all-year long

The above is available at no cost to all U.S. based BAHS candidates. Visit this page to start the process.

Catch is an official partner of, and supports ACA-compliant plans only. Catch is also licensed across the US, meaning we can work with you in every state nationwide.

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