Coping During Covid: Our guide in helping cope with stress and anxiety during the holidays


As Christmas draws closer and the current lockdowns remain in place, it’s becoming quite clear that our ‘Fairytale in New York’ is now more likely to feel like an emphatic ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ Having just finished licking our wounds from a summer of rescheduled weddings, cancelled concerts, closed schools and travel ban turmoil and now we’re told that it could be another few months before we return to normality. 

So, you are absolutely right to feel mentally and physically drained! This year has been both unimaginable and unprecedented with more contradictions and content than a Netflix menu.

At this point so far in 2020 we’ve endured a global pandemic, social unease, natural disasters, job cuts, health scares, protests, and a very tense and divisive election. Some of us feel isolated at home alone craving company and some of us feel suffocated from being stuck with an overbearing partner, screaming kids and nowhere to go for our well deserved and needed me-time.

At British American Household Staffing we believe some self-care should be top of our Christmas lists so we are here to offer a guide on managing tension and anxiety throughout the holiday season.


Why do I feel so exhausted?

Everyone responds to stressful situations differently and it can often depend on many factors, from your background, your social circle, your financial situation, your health, and the environment around you.

This pandemonium, which began back in March, saw most of us make the best of what we thought would only last a few weeks. We enthusiastically took to working from home in our pyjamas, baking banana bread, making TikTok dance videos and clapping for our healthcare workers from our doorsteps. But what initially began as a shared sentiment of surreal circumstances, soon progressed into feelings of confusion, stress, anxiety, tension and now despair and depression. For some of us, stages and waves of all of the above.

Who would’ve ever imagined the changes we’ve faced over the last ten months and the restrictions and rules regulating our every move. Just as we were given the green light to reschedule, revisit and reopen, we’re then hit with another government guidance gust of wind thus blowing us backwards again.

At BAHS we value mental health as important as physical health so we felt it was important to remind you that you’re not alone in your feelings during this tense time of uncertainty.


How To Keep Your Children Calm

“When parents are stressed and worried, kids become stressed and worried,” said Dr. Carol Weitzman, a developmental-behavioural pediatrician and the co-director of the Autism Spectrum Center at Boston Children’s Hospital who co-authored the academy’s guidelines. A very poignant quote recently stated by parenting reporter Christina Caron for the NY Times.

As all parents recognise, children are incredibly in-tune with those around them, constantly absorbing and reacting to their tone of voice and facial expressions, as well as the changes in their daily routines. It is therefore crucial to manage your behaviour in particular your stress levels in order for the children to feel safe and calm.


Limit or Avoid Media & Misinformation

Being exposed to constant, concerning and conflicting stories reminds us, and at times convinces us, that there is something to panic about. Examine where your attention is when you feel at your best and at your worst. This will give you an idea of what you’re absorbing and how it’s affecting you, good and bad.

We are completely saturated by news options on several platforms from the moment we wake up and reach for our phones. Yet many of the sources we are reading from are based on myths, rumours, biased opinions and unfounded misinformation, which creates uncertainty and anxiety. Although it might be tempting to stay informed and at times we feel it’s impossible to avoid or escape it, try limiting your exposure to news and social media, especially about the pandemic. 

Rationing the amount of time spent online will diminish the unnecessary and unwelcome panic you may be feeling and inevitably the less you absorb, the clearer you will begin to feel once the noise fades. Turn your phone off and your attention on to other things that have a sense of creative purpose, like cooking, arts and crafts, meditation, reorganising your home or catching up on some reading. Then use these as tools to create conversations of interests with those around you to lighten the tone of the topics you may feel are becoming too emotionally charged.


Cleanse Your Life Online & Offline

It’s not just our closets and pantries that benefit from a good clear out. A good lifestyle cleanse can be the best thing for us when life seems to be getting too much, especially when it comes to reorganising who we allow into our headspace. After all, energies are contagious and we soon begin to think and feel like those we surround ourselves with, so choose wisely and don’t be afraid to disconnect from people, pages and publications that aren’t providing you with a good feeling.

Spend an hour clearing out your contacts, email inboxes and social media accounts.

Unfollow those who no longer bring positivity to your life. Unsubscribe to companies and publications that you feel burdened by and get rid of all organisations who constantly press you for donations, votes or reviews. Now notice how instantly lighter you will begin to feel.


Stay Connected with Others

It can make a huge difference when we share our worries with others. Most of the time, the other person feels the same and can relate. Reach out and connect with other people who you consider supportive. Whatever is weighing you down, from financial pressure, conflict with a neighbour or a colleague, a health concern or perhaps your relationship may be unraveling behind closed doors. Open up and talk to someone about it. A conversation can sometimes be the best medicine.


Set Daily Routines

It’s so important and healthy to create and maintain patterns that give us a sense of order, routine and stability.

Set your alarm and create a time to rise and a time to go to bed. This will create a sense of normality and purpose. It will also enable you to create an identity to the days of the week while you’re working from home.

As tempting as it may be to remain in our sweatpants or pyjamas being home all day - Get up, get dressed and get going!

Our brains immediately recognise when we’ve made an aesthetic effort with a shower, some makeup and a splash of perfume and they send signals to our moods. You will begin to feel more motivated and confident when wearing a nice outfit, even if you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go - but to the kitchen!

Set a coffee date with family or friends. Each morning arrange a call with a friend who perhaps lives alone and have your morning coffee together over video chat or a simple phone call. Make it a weekly ritual to look forward to.

Listen to a podcast or an audiobook while you get some fresh air. If you live alone it will keep you company and provide a nice narration for your walk. Studies have shown that being outdoors for even 20-30 minutes each day can significantly reduce cortisol levels therefore lowering our chances of experiencing stress, depression and anxiety. Some fresh air in your lungs and a change of scenery will give us an instant and natural lift to our moods. Plus it costs nothing!

Exercise, even if it’s just a stroll to the grocery store or local park and back. Perhaps taking the dog for a walk or some online yoga via zoom from the comfort of your own home. Just move from the couch and remind your legs that they’re still needed! There’s now an array of online clubs and classes available to join so you may continue your favourite activities.

Start a virtual book club with friends, family or colleagues. Reading a chapter a day and then discussing it over a group chat can help keep you all connected and creatively stimulated.

We are what we eat and drink. So as important as choosing who we invite into our homes, we should be considering what we put into our bodies and how we feel afterwards. Pay attention to what you’ve just digested when you feel low, sluggish or anxious. Cutting down on caffeine and junk food will also help your state of mind and benefit your quality of sleep. As much as a glass of wine or a box of cookies can be wonderful company on an evening, try and limit the treats so your moods aren’t driven by artificial highs and lows. Peppermint tea is perfect for reducing stress and settling your stomach if you feel nauseous and on edge.

While there's no way to remove or avoid stress completely from life, there is a way to manage how we react to it by creating a haven around you with carefully selected people and products to help ease and comfort you at a time of tension.

With stronger minds, we can look to the new year feeling more capable than ever to deal with whatever 2021 has in store for us.

Meditation and self care apps that help benefit mental health:

10 Percent Happier
Simple Habit

Books to help with uncertainty and unease:

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
59 Seconds, Think a Little, Change a Lot by Richard Wiseman

Stress-relieving products to help calm your mind and relax your body:

This Works deep sleep pillow spray
Neom moment of calm pod and de-stress range
Sunday of London rooftop garden candle

Being a Nanny Amid Coronavirus


In February 2020, Beth* began her placement with the family who carefully chose and hired her to care for their baby through British American Household Staffing.


Having ‘babysat forever’ growing up in the suburbs and then earning a teaching degree before specialising in Infant Newborn Care, it was clear to see that she was destined to work with children.


However, just weeks before the pandemic hit in March, Beth was all set to join the Smiths* for a 12 month contract to care for their baby in their New York home.


“Before we knew it, all the good parts of nannying disappeared and all the things we knew and depended on to educate and entertain the kids, were taken away” she tells me.


“Usually, cities like London and New York have so much to offer, from parks to museums, the perfect backdrop for play-dates, fresh air and picnics. So when we saw the social distancing rules and places begin to close down, us nannies had to really dig deep and get creative with ideas on activities to keep a child fulfilled but also safe and protected.”


When I ask her about her own situation, highlighting the decision to be apart from her own family when forced to decide who to quarantine with, she answers without hesitation and in a way that shows why she works in such a selfless role.


“Oh I stayed with the family. I became a live-in nanny” she states with ease. “They needed me more than ever, especially with so many uncertainties and things changing day-to-day. I had my own room and bathroom and although I couldn’t go home, I felt like I was part of their family.”


I ask her what the best kind of families are to work for, thinking she may reference the luxury of an estate or the perks that some clients offer their staff, like gym memberships or personal chefs, but again, she answers withmodesty, it’s clear to see why she, like so many BAHS nannies are considered assets to a family when joining their household.


“Parents who are thoughtful, they’re the best” she confides humbly.


“In what way”? I probe.


“Giving you direction and asking if you’re okay. Basically just communicating with you and making you feel heard” she says warmly. “It’s a partnership, between a nanny and parents so it always works best when both sides are thinking of the other.”


I ask her about the challenges and the problems faced during the pandemic, expecting some horror stories, yet she responds as graciously and intelligently as a modern day Mary Poppins.


“For parents living in an apartment and working from home, that’s tough, especially with a child or children. We aren’t meant to be isolated so it’s a lot, especially in small living spaces with limited options outside” she pauses thoughtfully. “That’s probably the biggest challenge during this for the families. For the nannies, it’s been thinking outside of the box when comes to ideas for the children when so many places began to close.”


When I bring it to her attention that even hospital staff were able to go home after a shift, she humbly and protectively defends the position that so many nannies were faced with. Some not seeing their own families for months at the loyalty to their client.


“Many live-out nannies became live-in nannies when the pandemic hit. It just made sense and it was safer for the families to have us join their bubble without worrying about external interaction becoming a threat for infection. "We hibernated together and it bonded a lot of staff and their clients through such a testing time. I’ve been very lucky that the family I was placed with were like a second family.”


After speaking to Beth, I did some further research and read some other personal anecdotes from those who worked in childcare. Some saying it was too much for them being stuck in another household and others fortunate enough to work for families who provided private travel services like Uber and Lyft back and forth to their own homes if they lived nearby.


But then there were the others, the ones who fully committed to the moment we never anticipated in this lifetime, those who at the crossroads of tough government guidelines instinctively agreed to join their principal families over their own families, some in an isolated move into their client’s residence and some even moving miles outside the city for the summer where their clients decided to retreat during the pandemic.


Every case is clearly different, there’s no carbon copy of a nanny just as there are no text book examples of a family. Each partnership becomes couture to their own mix of personalities and requirements.


So when speaking to the nannies at the BAHS agency, one thing that was transparent were their feelings that client came first and for the sake of the children it was the consistency of care that they all persisted to strive to maintain during the pandemic.


If ever there was a time to cast the spotlight on those going above and beyond their job description it’s this year having so much on the line. The nannies from BAHS have proven to prioritise their childcare before anything or anyone else, even themselves.


They really are the quintessential modern day Mary Poppins with hearts as big as their overnight bags.


*names have been changed out of respect for candidate and client privacy

BAHS Featured in The Telegraph

’Covid has created a rising demand for the modern-day Mary Poppins – and all manner of other domestic staff too!’


British American Household Staffing are proud to feature this week in British publication The Telegraph.


Anita Rogers, BAHS agency founder and CEO invites you to take a glimpse into the strategies and success behind her premier agency and why the recent pandemic has given clients a new perspective and a desirable domain for a more manageable and comfortable life at home.


Interview highlights:

“After more than a decade’s experience in pairing families with household staff, Rogers’ exclusive agency has earned a reputation for being able to meet every need and handle any situation.”


“We’ve seen an increased demand for nannies and governesses with a background in child psychology,” says Rogers. “That’s very, very popular now. It’s about checking a child’s development every step of the way and making sure that they’re hitting all the milestones.”


“Oh, and should you wish to hire a light aircraft or a yacht – “hugely in demand right now because people can escape the pandemic that way” – BAHS can organise that too.”

See the full interview written by Celia Walden

Holiday Season 2020


The holiday season this year will look different for most families. Many are choosing to celebrate with only immediate family and find themselves missing friends and family who might normally join the celebrations. The team here at British American Household Staffing has put together a guide to making the holidays a little easier this year - from delightful hampers you can send loved ones to ways we can feel closer to those far away. Be sure to start shopping early to avoid disappointment due to sold out items and shipment delays. 


Sending Gifts Near and Far

London's Fortnum and Mason is our top choice for holiday hampers, this year and every year. With high quality goods ranging from Champagne to cured meats to Christmas biscuits, there is something for everyone on your list. Order by December 6 for discounted shipping and to access the widest selection - many hampers will sell out as the holidays near. We love the Family Christmas Hamper; the classic choice includes wine, coffee, biscuits, chocolate, Christmas pudding, marmalade, and more. If you're looking to treat yourself (or someone else!), consider the Christmas Feast Hamper, containing extras, such as smoked salmon and foie gras. For worldwide delivery, consider the Sleighborne Hamper, which includes favorites such as Fortnum's fruit cake, cranberry sauce, and hot chocolate. Buying for someone with specific tastes? Shoppers can create a custom hamper on the website too.


Harrod's offers an array of Christmas baskets and hampers, as well, shipping worldwide. We love the Grosvenor Christmas Hamper, which includes a stuffed teddy bear for the littles one, as well as traditional favorites, like mince pies, shortbread, and Christmas spiced tea. For the young (or young at heart), consider sending Harrod's glow in the dark advent calendar, complete with daily sweet treats like candy canes, fizzy baubles, sherbet pips and white jazzies. 


Eli's Market in New York City offers gift baskets for every occasion, from the Chanukah gift basket to the caviar basket (add on a bottle of Champagne for the perfect New Year's gift) to the Christmas classics basket. We also love their custom 15 lb loaf of country bread; the bread, which can be inscribed with a message of your choice, makes for an impressive display and can easily be sliced and frozen for later after the holiday is over. 


For the little ones, we love The White Company. The department store has a location in Manhattan, NY, as well as several in the United Kingdom and they offer worldwide shipping. From cashmere baby blankets and whimsical stuffed animals to this charming pink double breasted coat and adorable kid's holiday sweaters, The White Company has something for every child. Don't forget to send along a little something for the parents, as well - consider a cozy pair of 100% cashmere sleeping socks or a statement 5 wick holiday candle.


Stay in Touch

Zoom is perhaps the best known way to stay in touch during the pandemic, and for good reason. With free and paid options, you can easily host video gatherings for groups of all sizes. Help older relatives download and set up their own account ahead of time and plan to set aside an hour (or longer!) over the holidays to spend time together. Consider eating the same meal together, opening gifts, doing a holiday craft (we love this felt wreath craft!) or sharing favorite past holiday memories. This Thanksgiving, Zoom has lifted its time restrictions for free accounts so the whole family can eat, drink and be merry for as long as they'd like! Keep an eye on future newsletter; we will share if Zoom chooses to do the same for holidays next month. 


Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) is a free Google Chrome extension that allows families and friends to sync up films on Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus - and even have a live chat. Host a virtual family movie night with the holiday classics - don't forget the popcorn!


Further Resources for Socially Distanced Holidays

Martha Stewart: Tips for Preparing Your Kids for a Socially Distanced Holiday Season

CDC Guidelines for Holiday Celebrations 

The Cut: How to Virtually Celebrate Thanksgiving during the Pandemic


Happy Thanksgiving from the team at British American Household Staffing!

We wish you a happy and safe celebration. 

Please note our offices will be closed Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27.

How to Hire the Right Housekeeper


Hiring a housekeeper who has the knowledge of how to care for fine furnishings, artwork, and surfaces not only brings ease to your day-to-day living but is a necessary investment in the long-term quality of your home. But how do you hire the right housekeeper?


In one word - TRIAL.


You must absolutely trial housekeepers in order to find the perfect fit for your home.


Like test driving a car or trying on a new pair of shoes, finding a housekeeper is a decision that needs to be based on experience before knowing for sure if it’s the right fit.


It’s one position that needs to be made beyond browsing a resume, so we encourage you to trial before making any definitive decisions.


What are a housekeeper’s duties?


A housekeeper’s duties are specific to the home they are working in. All housekeepers deep clean, yet there’s far more to their role than being a cleaner.


A trained housekeeper will bring their knowledge and experience in formal serving, table setting, organising and high-quality care for furniture and artwork. They will also be skilled in washing and ironing clothing.


What’s the difference between a housekeeper and an executive housekeeper?


The difference between a housekeeper and an executive housekeeper is that the latter's experience managing other household staff.


An executive housekeeper will have worked on teams of household staff and overseen other housekeepers. An executive housekeeper doesn’t often manage staff, this is left to the head housekeeper, however, most house managers or butlers usually take the lead with the managing.


Finances relating to the household are also often handled by the executive housekeeper along with stocking the pantries with required and desired inventory and overseeing vendors or contract workers coming to the home.


Our expert team at BAHS agency are ready and willing to guide you through the entire process when deciding on who to hire. Contact our office today to be connected with an expert recruiter and find the right housekeeper for your home.


See more information about housekeepers and other household staff.

Public Schools in New York City Closed


Public schools here in New York City will close entirely from today as a result of the rising COVID-19 test positivity rate reaching 3 percent, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Wednesday. 

With Governor Cuomo echoing his comments in a heated press conference on Wednesday evening, it’s no wonder we saw reporters voicing their confusion about the ever-changing rules and regulations.

Just as the schools had reopened and we braved the cold weather to send the kids back to their classrooms, the universe declared “PLOT TWIST” and we are now once again left wondering what on earth to do now we are back where we started.  New Yorkers are tough and we rally together to slow the spread of this virus but parents wish there was one decisive ruling when it comes to school closures. 

When asked for a timeframe on this  ‘de-ja lockdown’, Mayor De Blasio would not say. However, he then stated that the schools would not reopen before the week after Thanksgiving and then proceeded to hint that further restrictions on city life were 'coming' and 'coming soon.' 

This all too familiar tune was once again sung to parents and comes after Mayor de Blasio delayed a return to in-person learning twice this fall as union leaders objected to the lack of health measures protecting teachers, students and staff from coronavirus. 

So, here we are thinking we had seen a dazzling light at the end of this 2020 tunnel just in time for the holidays. Only to find that we rejoiced far too soon! And now? We wait - until further notice.

Although we all know the stop of the spread is of paramount importance, many families are dreading the return to remote learning and having to now juggle childcare with their jobs with a safe and steady strategy.

Parents flocked to social media to vent their frustration, upset and shared confusion at what they were meant to do next. 

With stores, bars, restaurants, gyms and offices now re-opened, many of us have made it back into real clothes and out to the real world after months of Netflix-binging, sweatpants-wearing hibernation.

So now what?

The schools could be closed until the end of the year. And with the equilibrium over the last 8 months taking more twists and turns than the Coney Island Cyclone, is it any wonder we are beginning to feel sick and want to get off this hideous ride to find our balance again.

I ask my friend who has two children under the age of 10 how she’s managing to remain so calm and composed throughout this.

Her answer - A live-in governess.

“It was in June that I decided enough was enough. My husband and I were having to work from home and the kids were climbing the walls in search of their usual learning activities. We tried Zoom lessons but we felt there was something missing without that in-person interaction. Our youngest would drift off and when the WiFi connection isn’t on your side, the learning becomes a frozen farce of everyone talking at once or not at all! Our governess joined our home at the start of the summer and we’ve never looked back. It’s given us the space to do our work and the kids absolutely adore her. We are all safe and healthy and it’s consistent which is what matters the most” she concludes.

“While the news is showing the world outside falling apart, our home actually feels like it has fallen into place.  And that’s thanks to British American Household Staffing.”

At BAHS we continue to make our top priority the health, safety, comfort and happiness of our employees and clients.

We are constantly working to maintain safety measures in efforts of preventing the spread of COVID-19 and providing the utmost care in line with government guidelines.

Our agency is fully devoted to ensuring you and your family are given the most safest practices and protection for your household and happiness. 

Why You Need a House Manager and Estate Manager for Multiple Estates


House managers and estate managers are both impressive positions responsible for the daily running of an estate. Their roles, at times overlapping, contain very different individual tasks and require an array of very different skills and responsibilities.


Here at British American Household Staffing we are more than happy to break it down for you to simplify the two roles.


Estate Manager

An important role who oversees all the house managers and is the primary contact for the principals.   


Estate managers are in a strong position of leadership and are responsible for overseeing the domestic staff. They also oversee and manage the many services taking place in and around the homes of the estate. 


An estate manager’s focus is securely on the bigger picture, making sure that each home runs consistently and efficiently. They are expected to have strong communication skills and a strong assertive presence leading those around them and setting the tone for the work environment. 


An estate manager is not only the head of the household but also the eyes and ears, making sure the house managers and other household staff are collectively following the policies and procedures to run a tight ship in the home effectively. 


We are a domestic staffing agency with a meticulous strategy for finding the perfect fit for your household, whether you’re looking for a live-in nanny, a housekeeper, a butler, estate manager or house manager. You need it, we have it! 


House Manager 

Under the supervision and direction of the estate manager, the house manager is responsible for running the day-to-day details of the homes, managing the housekeepers and then reporting to the estate manager.


A house manager’s role, similar to a butler, is to be responsible for managing the other staff and the maintenance of your estate. They closely manage vendors who perform various duties both in and around the property. 


Duties performed by the house manager may include understanding the operation and maintenance of the equipment used throughout the estate, providing hands-on expertise with type duties. This is all encompassing and includes tasks from window cleaning to gardening. 


House managers will be expected to have strong communication skills as they will be dealing with tradespeople, employees, and daily services being brought into the household and on the premises. 


So, to conclude, both positions oversee the daily running of your estate, but their job description contains very different tasks and requires parallel yet separate skills.  Which position to hire is completely down to the finer details of your lifestyle, from your work schedule to the household size and the quantity of requirements. 


BAHS can advise and orchestrate the perfect blend and amount of team members needed to make life run smoothly for you. Contact our office today to be connected with a recruiter and begin your search. 

Hiring a Nanny During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Can I hire a nanny during coronavirus? 


Yes! In fact, there has never been a more important time to bring additional help into your home. With the last few months proving to be an eye opener for many of us trying to navigate our way through the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, as work and home life now becomes blended, there has never been a more important time to renew our focus on our families and households which makes hiring domestic or household staff an investment into your family's health and happiness. 


With many daycares and nurseries closing or limiting availability, home schooling is now the number one safest option for childcare with many families now juggling working from home alongside raising their children. 


At BAHS we assure you that during this ongoing pandemic we are making appropriate adjustments to our working practices, ensuring that we’re able to deliver the same high level of service to our clients and candidates during this delicate time. 


Here at the BAHS team safety is paramount, so rest assured that we are carrying out all interviews and meetings via video calls and are undertaking coronavirus due diligence before any candidates begin new jobs. Once you have a candidate match and would like to proceed with hiring, options for self-quarantine and isolation before their start date will commence. Depending on the area in which you live and your unique situation, testing will soon be available to ensure your family and staff stay safe and healthy within government guidelines.   


At British American Household Staffing, your peace of mind is our priority. 


How can we help? 


At BAHS we have a wonderful team of trained consultants on hand to guide you through your options. Our attention to detail ensures your home can be in safe hands with household and domestic staff running it smoothly with structure and serenity, especially if you are now having to work from home.  


Our BAHS team apply a meticulous strategy in finding and introducing you to the perfect contribution for your home. We provide you with the additional help needed to create and coordinate both your work and home environment under one roof during this tumultuous time of lockdown. 


We carefully select qualified, caring and conscientious staff to join your home and enhance your household.  


We at BAHS endeavour to maintain a calm sense of structure for you and your family to feel as though you’re still able to go about your day without any disruption, simply manoeuvring home and work commitments to coincide with government and health expertise.  


School shutdowns and social limitations have lent their search to a particular urgency with educator and governess requests increasing greatly all over the US and the UK. We are already in reach of these necessities and with the new normal currently taking shape BAHS are one step ahead in supporting you during this unprecedented time of change. 


Contact our office to begin your search or see our coronavirus resource page for more information.

Relocating During Coronavirus


Many families are relocating during this time - some are seeking more space, other are taking advantage of generous remote working policies and others are moving to be closer to family during a time when travel is difficult. No matter the reason, we've put together some considerations and benefits of various states. If you do decide to move, rest assured that British American Household Staffing is here to offer guidance both for hiring staff in a new state and for assisting with relocating current employees. 


Tax Considerations

As of 2020, seven states - Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming -  have zero income tax. Two others, New Hampshire and Tennessee, don't tax regular earned income but do tax investment income. Of course, these states do make up for some of this loss by taxing other goods and services so, depending on your financial goals and circumstances, it might be wiser to take a state's overall tax burden, which measures the percent of income paid in state and local taxes, into account. Alaska comes in first here with the lowest rate of  just 5.16% (New York, for example, with 12.28%, is the highest in the country). Following closely behind Alaska are Delaware, Wyoming, Tennessee, Wyoming, Florida and New Hampshire. View WalletHub's full list of 2020's Tax Burden by State here


State Parks 

Now that outdoors has become the safest way to see family and friends, many of us are looking for ways to incorporate more time in nature into our lives long-term. Eleven states have more than 100 state parks each. California ranks first with 270 state parks - the Golden State also ranks first for the number of national parks with 9, including Yosemite and Joshua Tree. New York and Washington follow closely behind with 215 and 212 state parks respectively. Others on the top ten list include Oregon (195), Florida (191), Massachusetts (154), Illinois (142), Pennsylvania (121), Alaska (119) and Connecticut (109). Click here to see details on parks in all states


Food and Wine 

If the idea of living near the country's top wineries or best restaurants sounds appealing, you have more options than just the major cities. Many wine lovers might think of California, New York and Oregon as the top wine-producing regions of the U.S. While these states do have a lot to offer so do Washington, Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Washington is now number  2 in the nation in terms of annual wine production, trailing only California. Virginia is home to 276 wineries, including the stunning Early Mountain winery, owned by AOL co-founder Steve Case and his wife Jean Case. In terms of food, New York and California rate highest for the number of Michelin starred restaurants but there are talented chefs making noteworthy food across the country. Thrillist's 2018 list awarded the number one position to Texas due to the thriving restaurant scenes in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. In 2018, Bon Appétit awarded "Restaurant City of the Year" to Portland, Maine, which boasts a range of restaurants from upscale bistros like Fore Street (a semi-finalist for “Outstanding Restaurant” from the James Beard Foundation every year since 2011) to excellent seafood at Eventide Oyster Co. from award winning chefs Andrew Taylor and Mike Wiley. 



There are many metrics by which the country measures education. According to US News, New Hampshire rates number one in the country in terms of college readiness based on SAT and ACT scores while Massachusetts comes in first for top NAEP math and reading scores. Overall, Massachusetts ranked as the top state for public schools. All the ratings are available here. Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York lead in terms of private K-12 schools; by most rating systems, all of the schools in the top ten private school lists are located in those three states with California trailing shortly behind. 


As always, we're here to assist with all your household staffing needs during this challenging time. Both childcare and cleaning professionals are considered essential workers and we have implemented strict protocols to make sure your family is as safe as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

Jack Martin Rogers: Drawing


British American Household Staffing and Anita Rogers Gallery invite you
to a join us for a socially distanced reception to celebrate 
Jack Martin Rogers: Drawing


Saturday, November 14
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Anita Rogers Gallery is proud to present a selection of works on paper by British artist Jack Martin Rogers (1943-2001). Anita Rogers, the owner of the gallery, is the daughter of the artist and now owns seventy-five percent of his estate. This will be the artist’s second major solo exhibition in the U.S. and the first to highlight the artist’s creative process and the centrality of drawing in his practice. 


The collection features a selection of preparatory drawings, most of which have never before seen by the public, that reveal Rogers’ immense dedication to observation and detail. The artist studied anatomy and fine art at the Birmingham School of Art in the UK, often dissecting and sketching bodies of the deceased to learn how to better illustrate the human form. While in school, his meticulous methods took root and they remained at the heart of his work for the rest of his life.


View the digital catalog now.

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