Outdoor Recommendations


Summer may be over but most of the country still has a few weeks to enjoy comfortable outdoor sweater weather. The CDC guidance recommends outdoor activities over indoor whenever possible. Even in non-pandemic times, time outdoors is critical for children; in 2018, Harvard Medical School published a short article listing benefits for children of playing outside


Whether you and your children are eager to see a small circle of family members and friends or just spend a little more time outdoors before the temperature drops, the team here at British American Household Staffing has put together a list of outdoor activities for the whole family that allow for safe social distancing. 


Outdoor Movies

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a resurgence of drive-in movie theatres. Once a staple of cinema culture, the theatres, which faced immense popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, slowly disappeared over the last few decades but are now reappearing across the country as Covid-safe alternatives to indoor theatres. Long Island now has several options, including Adventureland in East Farmingdale, The Gateway in Bellport and the Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport. Adventureland tickets include dinner while the Gateway and Vanderbilt encourage visitors to bring their own refreshments. October films include Addams FamilyHocus PocusNightmare Before Christmas, as well as films better suited for adults, like Silence of the Lambs and Sixth Sense. Just two hours outside of Manhattan in upstate New York is the Overlook Drive-in, a family owned business operating since 1955. For those on the West Coast, a new pop-up drive-in theatre opened earlier this month for San Francisco residents: Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture presents Fort Mason Flix. The theatre will screen films on the San Francisco Bay through mid-October. For Los Angeles residents, consider Drive-in at the Park, a series of drive-in films at various locations across the city. Don't miss Disney's Moana this Saturday, October 3, along with complimentary sliders, popcorn and sodas. 


Sculpture Parks and Outdoor Art

Storm King Art Center is an outdoor museum located on a sprawling 500-acre piece of land in New York’s Hudson Valley. The site has over 100 pieces in its permanent collection, plus rotating exhibitions and installations on view; the art is complemented by gorgeous mountain views. New Jersey's Grounds for Sculpture offers nearly 300 contemporary sculptures across 42 acres, landscaped gardens and an outdoor café. In Los Angeles, consider visiting the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden on UCLA's campus; the museum features works by artists ranging from Auguste Rodin to Alexander Calder. For another outdoor art-filled day in L.A., spend a few hours visiting many of these iconic public art works throughout the city. In San Francisco, take a stroll through Stanford's Rodin Sculpture Garden, featuring 19 sculptures surrounded by a forest of oak trees. 


Autumn Barbecue 

Grilling doesn't have to be restricted to the summer months! If your family is looking for creative ways to see nearby family and friends outdoors, consider hosting a fall barbecue. Embrace cold weather favorites like s'mores and warm apple cider, along with heartier entreés on the grill, like grilled saffron rack of lamb or grilled cauliflower steaks. Consider making a bonfire for story time after dinner or combining the barbecue with a kid-friendly activity like outdoor pumpkin carving. 


Outdoor Crafts for Kids 

There are plenty of children's crafts that can be done outside in the fall months. Try making Sun Prints Cards with children - the results are beautiful works on paper that can be framed or sent as greeting cards to faraway family members. Another craft we love is Nature Sculptures; simply buy Sculpey or another oven-bake clay and imprint various found objects from nature in it to make paper weights or magnets. Tree clippings, acorns, feathers, pressed flowers and small twigs all work wonderfully for this project. For more ideas, we love Jane Worroll and Peter Houghton's book Play The Forest School Way: Woodland Games and Crafts for Adventurous Kids.


As always, we're here to assist with all your household staffing needs during this challenging time. Both childcare and cleaning professionals are considered essential workers and we have implemented strict protocols to make sure your family is as safe as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

Tips for Virtual Learning


“Back to school” in 2020 has looked different for everyone. Depending on where you live and your child’s school you may be going back with some restrictions, going digital with virtual learning, or choosing to invest in a full-time private educator. 


If you are helping your little ones with online learning, here are our top tips for making a smooth and productive transition. 


1. Set a schedule

Following a consistent schedule will help your children stay on top of their learning. Be mindful of when your child seems most focused and most distracted and try to create space for each. Everyone learns differently and one advantage of at-home learning is the ability to adjust for each child’s needs. So be sure to take advantage of that. 


2. Create a space just for learning

Just like having a set schedule, having a structured, physical space for learning can jump-start focus and help little ones recognize when it’s time to focus. Many families are refitting playrooms to accommodate desks and computers or repurposing dining rooms as family workspaces. Wherever you find it best for learning, be sure to limit distractions and only use that space for learning. 


3. Stay on top of messages

Depending on the ages of your children they may need to keep up with multiple teachers, classes, and assignments. Help them stay on top of what is next by monitoring the inbox of whatever messaging system your school is utilizing. 


4. Use resources provided by your school

Along with messaging systems, be sure you are aware of other resources your school provides. Many programs have extensive online learning tools, like videos, worksheets, and parent-specific information to help you transition to virtual learning. Don’t miss out of these resources. 


5. Consider hiring specialized childcare

Many families are employing educated nannies to help their children stay on top of school and excel at home. Having a dedicated professional can alleviate stress for parents and give children one-on-one attention that fosters learning. We have candidates ranging from educated nannies, former teachers, and experienced governesses. Contact our office today to discuss your needs and find the right childcare and virtual learning help for your children. 


Learn more about different childcare and education professionals as well as Pod Learning Solutions

Weekend Recommendations


The team here at British American Household Staffing has put together a list of recommendations for this coming weekend, September 25-27. Whether you're observing Yom Kippur, making the most of the first official weekend of autumn or plan to stay home and listen to new music, we have a suggestion for you.


Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur will begin this Sunday, September 27 and ends Monday evening. The Day of Atonement is traditionally observed by a day-long fast, prayer and synagogue services.


COVID-Safe Services

The Chabad of Wall Street and the Jewish Learning Experience (JLE) have collaborated to offer outdoor, socially distanced high holiday services in downtown Manhattan. Admission is free but donations are suggested; details are available here. If your family isn't yet ready to head outside, many congregations are offering virtual services this year. Congregation Beth Shalom will be holding traditional services online, as well as one for families and children and the UJA Federation has compiled a list of various virtual services, organized by denomination and schedule. 


Children and the Holy Day 

For young children, consider teaching them about Yom Kippur through picture books focusing on themes of forgiveness, repentance or stories that share the tale of Jonah. We love The Hard to Swallow Tale of Jonah and the WhaleOh No, Jonah and Sammy Spider's First Yom Kippur. For further guidance, Chabad.org recently published a great article offering tips for how to help children better understand the holiday. 


Recipes for Sunday's Dinner 

In preparation for the fast, many families will share a large meal together on Sunday before sundown. Homemade challah is a recipe children can help make; served with honey, it makes a hearty accompaniment to dinner (save the leftovers for the break-fast!). For the main course, we recommend chicken tagine with vegetablescrispy breaded cutletspotato and zucchini kugel, or this creamy spinach potato soup that provides nutrition as well as hydration before the fast. For dessert, try an apple and dried cherry crisp; it makes the most of the season's produce and offers both hydration and fiber. 

If you aren't up for cooking this year, Eli's Market offers a comprehensive delivery menu of prepared foods for the holiday, from matzoh ball soup and gelfite fish to brisket, roasted vegetables, cakes and more. Zabar's also offers holiday specials for delivery, including smoked fish and spreads. Katz's deli offers a Yom Kippur package for 4-6 people that features brisket, pastrami, bagels and rugelach. 


Weekend Activities 


Apple Picking 

Autumn officially began this week. Apple picking is great way to celebrate the fall season safely outdoors. We love Masker Farms in Warwick, New York; to make a day of it, stop by the nearby Bellvale Creamery for a scoop of homemade ice cream. The old-fashioned ice cream parlor was voted second best in the country by Trip Advisor! For those in Long Island, we recommend Hank's PumpkinTown; the farm features pick your own apples and pumpkins, as well as a maze for children and a market. In Connecticut, our first choice is Lyman Orchards in Middlefield; it offers pick your own apples, peaches and pears, as well as a golf course, freshly baked pies and a market.


Live Streaming Jazz Music 

This weekend, the Monterey Jazz Festival will stream live each evening from 5-7pmPST/8-11pm EST for free. Click here to view the full lineup, ways to donate and more. Typically the festival, now in its 63rd year, would take place on 20 acres in Monterey County and feature over 500 jazz musicians over three days. This year will feature new performances with select archived performances from past years.


Festival of Books

The fifteenth annual Festival of Books runs from Labor Day weekend through Columbus Day weekend entirely free and online (although registration is required for most events). The festival features book sales, as well as talks and presentations by well-known authors, including Joyce Carol Oates and Jill Lepore. Check the website as new events are frequently added and updated. Access the book sale here. 


As always, we're here to assist with all your household staffing needs during this challenging time. Both childcare and cleaning professionals are considered essential workers and we have implemented strict protocols to make sure your family is as safe as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

Hiring Household Staff Amid Coronavirus


If you are able to hire more staff, it’s even more important than ever to evaluate your unique needs. Now that you may be working from home, do you see any inconsistencies in your staff? Would an additional part-time housekeeper relieve some of the workload? Is your estate manager stretched too thin managing multiple homes? Do your children need an educated nanny to help them transition to online learning?  


It can be difficult to fully grasp how much work is involved in household positions. A good way to begin determining what staff your home needs is to divide tasks into three main categories: childcare, cleaning, and management. 




Childcare encompasses any position dealing primarily with the children. This includes nannies, governesses, tutors, newborn care specialists, and maternity nurses. Again, some general tidying and meal prep as it relates to the children are perfectly reasonable expectations for these roles, but no deep cleaning or home management. 


A nanny will have a substantial amount of childcare experience and will sometimes hold a degree related to childhood education, such as Early Childhood Development or a Master’s degree in Education. Some specialize in specific age groups such as infant or school age. Those who specialise in school age children are often referred to as governesses and will often be qualified to tutor certain academic subjects. 


Nannies that specialize in newborn care have extensive training and experience with newborns, infants and toddlers. They will understand the specific needs of each child’s development stage and be able to navigate each stage’s unique challenges. Newborn nannies are often referred to as newborn case specialists, maternity nurses, or baby nurses. 




Cleaning fine homes is a very specialised skill. Common duties for a housekeeper include laundry, pressing, ironing, cooking, clothing care, wardrobe care and maintenance, couture clothing care and household organizing. Basic cooking or meal prep responsibilities are sometimes given to a housekeeper as well as general errand running. 


The difference between a housekeeper and a cleaner is the housekeeper’s ability to organise closets by color and season, organise the home in general, and a deep understanding of clothing care (steam, dry clean and hand wash). They will understand formal service, which includes serving, formal table setting, and flower arranging. An executive housekeeper will have experience working on a team and managing other staff, usually in a formal townhouse or other similar large high-level residences. 




Management positions are necessary for larger homes with multiple moving parts and staff members. A house manager will be able to coordinate renovations, plan events, and train other staff. 


Where there are large, multiple homes, the estate manager is the "Chief of Staff" of the entire household, carrying out the wishes of the principals at each location. Estate managers will have broad policy making authority over all household and estate operations and manage extensive property and staff issues on a daily basis. 


A domestic couple is commonly hired to look after a seasonal or secondary property. Their responsibilities include (but may not be limited to): maintenance, cooking, serving and driving. They are either given a separate cottage or provided a separated living area for the full year. Together a domestic couple can run one large home successfully and can often save the employer from needing to hire multiple staff. 


A house manager is typically responsible for all staff in a single property. Their responsibilities may also overlap with those of a butler, property manager or personal assistant. They deal with vendors, preempt maintenance issues and ensure the smooth running of the household. 


Professional butler duties often vary and may include, but are not limited to, managerial responsibilities, keeping accounts, marketing, and maintaining the wardrobe for the principals of the residence. 


A personal assistant role can vary from managing the family calendar, being in charge of personal shopping, planning events, paying bills and arranging travel to handling investments and philanthropic accounts, and even working in the office of the family business. 



Hire Household Staff with British American Household Staffing 


Knowing your unique needs and the best way to meet them can make the hiring process easier. Identifying and hiring the right staff for your family will provide much needed rest and ease of mind, knowing your family and home are being properly cared for.  


Still, knowing where to begin this process can still feel overwhelming. Our expert team of recruiters can discuss your needs, recommend the right staff, and connect you with that staff throughout the hiring process. Contact our office today with any questions and to begin your search. 


Due to our tech-savvy culture, reviewing candidates and interviewing can be done seamlessly. Once you have a candidate you’d like to hire, options for self-quarantine and isolation before their start date are available. Depending on the area in which you live and your unique situation, testing may soon be available to ensure your family and staff stay safe and healthy. 


Our expert recruiters can assess your needs and recommend the best course of action for keeping your current staff or hiring during this time. Connect with your local office today to discuss your options and begin implementing structure. 

Travel Safely: Autumn Getaways


For most families, summer this year was quite different than expected. Many faced cancelled vacations, changed plans, more time indoors and virtual camps. Now, as summer comes to an end, many families are itching to make the most of the cooler weather and plan a safe and exciting fall getaway. The team at British American Household Staffing has compiled our list of top destinations for the coming months. At the moment, we recommend driving or flying privately, whenever possible, to avoid crowds and other travelers. The list features domestic trips in states with a lower COVID risk level and an emphasis on outdoor activities, as well as international locations where American visitors are welcome without quarantine. Whether you're looking to escape the chilly air and spend time at the beach, take in the colors of the East Coast's fall foliage or spend time outdoors hiking and boating, there is something on this list for everyone.


Hudson Valley, New York 

Just two hours outside New York City rests Mohonk Mountain House, a historic hotel in the Hudson Valley. The overnight rate includes three meals a day, as well as a huge variety of activities, such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, lawn games and more for the whole family. October is the best month to see the full spectrum of colors in the fall foliage. Enjoy seasonal meals, s'mores by the fire and outdoor movies under the stars surrounded by a forest of orange, red and yellow trees. 


Jackson Hole, Wyoming 

While many know Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the ski resorts, it is also a wonderful place to visit in the autumn. The fall foliage peaks in early to mid-October and there are plenty of safe outdoor activities for children and adults. We love Teton Mountain Lodge, a luxury hotel just one mile from the entrance to Grand Teton National Park. The lodge features multiple pools and a hot tubs, a full-service spa plus an array of activities, from white water rafting to wildlife safaris. For longer stays in the area, we'd recommend one of the nearby Four Seasons residencies; the two to five bedroom suites each feature a full kitchen, a washer and dryer, plus access to all the hotel amenities. 


Barnard, Vermont

Twin Farms, set on over 300 acres, is Vermont's only five-star, adults-only luxury resort. The hotel features an extensive wine selection, a private art collection, croquet and billiards, canoeing, fly fishing, hiking trails, a Japanese furo and more. Dining here is fully customized - there are no menus on premise. Instead, guests are invited to share their preferences and restrictions ahead of time and the culinary team will create a custom, locally sourced experience. Guests can choose to dine in the main dining room, the wine cellar, a chef's table in the kitchen or in the privacy of their guest room. 



Temperatures are starting to drop in much of the U.S. as we head towards the end of summer and beginning of fall; if you haven't had enough time on the beach this summer, we suggest you book a trip to Grenada, a historic island in the Caribbean boasting warm temperatures year-round. The island only had 24 total confirmed cases of COVID-19, all of which have now recovered. The country has now reopened and is welcoming American travelers  - just be sure to familiarize yourself with and follow the testing regulations before going. The Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel, voted the #1 Luxury Hotel in the Caribbean by Trip Advisor, reopens in October and is our top choice for Grenada luxury stays. The all-suite hotel features a private beach, snorkeling, sailing, diving, yoga on the beach and a whole array of watersports. 


Costa Rica

As of September 1, residents of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont can fly into Costa Rica on commercial airlines. Guests on private flights and yachts arriving into the country (from any state) are generally considered much lower risk and exempt from quarantine rules, pending a negative COVID test. Generally, the rainy season (or “green season”) is from May to mid-November in most of the country, with exceptions on the Caribbean coast. The dry season, considered summer by Costa Ricans, is from mid-November to April. The dry season is better if you're hoping to spend most of your time on the beach; the wet season does offer lush vegetation and better prices. Whenever you decide to go, we recommend Nayara Gardens, a tropical rainforest retreat. The grounds are filled with gorgeous plants, trees, birds and wildlife; choose from adventurous activities like zip lining or take it easy in one of the many bars and restaurants on site or with a treatment at the outdoor spa.



As always, we're here to assist with all your household staffing needs during this challenging time. Both childcare and cleaning professionals are considered essential workers and we have implemented strict protocols to make sure your family is as safe as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

Property Managers: Handling Second Homes, Updating Employee Manuals and More


Due to the current situation, many families have chosen to remain in a second home and are limiting travel to their primary residence or other properties. To better assist our clients, we are thrilled to provide flexible property management throughout the U.S. Our property managers are equipped to handle all facets of estate management. This can include property visits, opening and closing of seasonal properties, assistance in all aspects of hiring, structuring a home or estate, creating household manuals and more.  


Contact us to book a property manager for your home or estate.


Flexible To Meet Your Needs

Our property managers are ready and willing to commit as much or as little time to your residence as needed. Managers can be contracted on a temporary hourly basis or a permanent contracted basis. There is no need to make a commitment  - we offer one-time services, as well as year-round care.  



This is the perfect time to take care of routine maintenance or small construction projects you’ve been putting off. Our estate managers oversee interior and exterior maintenance and construction projects on your behalf; they will handle all vendor relations and make sure the project is done to your satisfaction. We are also able to assist with vehicle, jet and yacht maintenance, as needed.


Updating House Manuals 

As staff return to the home after quarantine, many routines and procedures will need to be adapted for the changing times. Our team can assist with implementing safety protocols and creating or updating household manuals. Clear policies and expectations are the keys to an efficient and well-run team.  



A properly trained staff can make all the difference in how smoothly a household operates.  Sometimes training occurs from day one and sometimes a refresher is needed. Our property managers can train new and returning staff on updated manuals and best practices to ensure that the team is running at maximum efficiency.    


Open and Close Properties 

Our team can open and prepare properties before your arrival or close a home for the season upon your departure.  


Home Assessments 

If you are not sure what your home may need in terms of staffing, training, maintenance or new protocols, we can assist. Contact us to discuss options for a property visit and detailed assessment.  


Contact us to book a property manager for your home or estate.

Hiring Newborn Care Amid Coronavirus


In these unprecedented times, we at British American Household Staffing want to offer as much peace-of-mind as possible. The best help for new parents is often an extra pair of expert hands. If you choose to hire newborn help, we can guide you and your caregiver, helping you navigate your way through a transitional time from the hospital back into the comfort of your own home. With our reassurance and qualified support during the ongoing pandemic, you and your family will continue to feel safe and sound with the support you deserve.


We thoroughly screen all our nurses and specialists and present the highest quality staff to our growing families. All our candidates practice strict self-isolation to ensure the safety of your family.   


Whether you are a new mom, first time parents, or expecting soon, the extra support of a night nurse or newborn care specialist provides peace of mind and expert help in your family’s transition. Contact our office with any questions you may have about hiring during these times or to begin your search. 


How long should you employ newborn care? 


How long to contract your newborn care specialist or baby nurse depends on your family's unique needs. Qualified specialists will be able to guide you through baby's first weeks or months at home. They can assist with the full spectrum of newborn care and may be certified in areas including but not limited to:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Alternate Feeding Methods
  • Sleep Training
  • Bonding
  • Lactation
  • Psychological Development


Learn more about Sleep Training Baby with a Newborn Care Specialist 

If you can provide living accommodations for your staff, maintaining a 2-4 month employ is ideal for many families, even during quarantine. Newborn care and night nurses traditionally stay with families for part of the week while they are working. Many of our families are extending this time and compensation to allow the nurse to remain quarantined with them, ensuring that everyone remains safe and healthy. 


If you have never had live-in household staff, see our 5 Tips for When Live-Out Household Staff Have to Live-In


If you are thinking of hiring professional newborn care help, contact our office closest to you. We are based In New York, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami/Palm Beach. 

Wine & Spirits


There are plenty of wine and spirit events this summer for wine connoisseurs, whisky enthusiasts or those simply looking to discover a new favorite cocktail. The team at British American Household Staffing compiled this selection of some of the best ways we plan on exploring wine and cocktails this summer, from heading to a winery to learn about vintage wine to purchasing a rare bottle of whiskey. Cheers! 


Collecting Wine & Spirits 

Whether you're an established collector or looking to start investing, there's a variety of exciting and rare bottles coming up at the auction houses this year. Sotheby's has several upcoming online wine & spirits auctions, from select bottles from the private cellar of Dr. Gordon Ku (opens for bidding this weekend) to finest and rarest wine in October. Meanwhile, the fine wine auctions at Christie's begin at the end of September. If you're new to the world of fine wine and spirits, Sotheby's recently published an informative Guide to Starting Your Whiskey Collection and Vinfolio offers a useful beginner's guide to collecting wine. 


Explore Napa Valley or North Fork

Wineries in Napa Valley, California and North Fork, Long Island are now open for outdoor tastings and vineyard tours. For those on the West Coast, we suggest Cakebread Cellars' Garden to Glass Tasting, featuring a tour of the vineyard's 3/4 acre vegetable garden with the option to pick your own organic produce followed by a seated wine and food pairing led by the resident chefs. Chandon's Summer Cabana Experience allows groups of up to 6 guests to relax in a private cabana, complete with wine tasting and seasonal lunch. For a more immersive and luxurious experience, consider booking a weekend at Auberge du Soleil, a stunning hotel with sweeping views of Napa Valley. Book one of the secluded maisons for a truly private trip - each of the the 1800 sq. ft. villas offer 2 bedrooms, a private terrace with outdoor bath and more. For those on the East Coast, consider Diliberto, the only adults-only winery on the North Fork. The Italian winery offers tastings and outdoor events, such as their Opera Under the Stars evenings. For a family-friendly option, we suggest Jamesport Vineyards, one of North Fork’s oldest vineyards. The winery offers plenty of land to explore, light bites and even a hotel on site to make a weekend of it. 


Hudson Valley Food and Wine Fest 

Typically, the annual event takes place the weekend following Labor Day on the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in beautiful Rhinebeck, New York; however, this year, the Hudson Valley Food and Wine Fest will be virtual and free of charge. On September 12 and 13, expect cooking demos, wine seminars and great deals on wine from small wineries.


Virtual Wine Classes

Whether you're looking to spend an afternoon learning more about your favorite vintage or to pursue a serious degree, it can now all be done online. We love the MasterClass led by James Suckling, American wine and cigar critic and former Senior Editor and European Bureau Chief of Wine Spectator. From a vineyard in Tuscany, Suckling teaches wine appreciation, storage, etiquette, pairings and more. For those looking for something a little more detailed, we recommend Cornell's American Wine Certificate, now offered 100% online, including an at-home tasting. The program, led by renowned wine expert Cheryl Stanley, covers the basics of wines from the four major wine-producing regions of the United States: California, Washington, Oregon, and New York. Finally, for those looking for a career in wine or to develop a deep and nuanced understanding of the subject, the Court of Master Sommeliers now offers online classes. The Court's intensive educational program guides aspiring Master Sommeliers through four increasingly rigorous levels of coursework and examination; those that succeed receive the Master Sommelier Diploma.


Tasting Clubs 

Now is a great time to try new things from the comfort of your home and there are now many luxury subscription services for all tastes. Taster's Club is one of the most versatile - it has options for whiskey, bourbon, scotch, tequila, gin, rum, vodka and wine. Join Caskers Whiskey Club and select from American Whiskey or World Whiskey to receive two hand-selected full-size bottles of top shelf liquors in each shipment. For wine lovers, Vinebox sends 9 vials (one glass each) of the season's top wines and subscribers can order full bottles of the ones they prefer. 


Kosher Wine and Spirits

For those looking to try new varieties of kosher wine, we recommend the Kosher Wine Club. The subscription service offers various membership plans but for the most serious wine drinker, we love the Cellar Master level, which offers choice wines from the sommelier delivered monthly. This club also gets you first access to allocated wines and limited productions. Note that you can order bottles à la carte from the site, as well. For those looking to sip something a little stronger, consider Buffalo Trace's Kosher whiskey, produced in partnership with the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc). It can sometimes be difficult to navigate what is kosher and not at the liquor store; this comprehensive document from the cRc takes the guesswork out of it and lists various brands and types of alcohol that are certified kosher, covering everything from beer to whiskey to sake. 



As always, we're here to assist with all your household staffing needs during this challenging time. Both childcare and cleaning professionals are considered essential workers and we have implemented strict protocols to make sure your family is as safe as possible. Contact us today to learn more. 

Upcoming Art & Music Events


As quarantine continues in much of the country and businesses slowly reopen in other states, most of us find ourselves missing museum exhibitions, concerts, Broadway musicals,  Shakespeare in the park and other cultural outings cancelled due to Covid-19. The team at British American Household Staffing has gathered our recommendations for art and music events taking place this August. Any of these would make a warm summer night a little more special! 


An Evening at the Metropolitan Opera

The Met Opera has continued its nightly live stream, with different performances each evening, online for only 24 hours. Upcoming operas in the next week include Verdi’s Simon Boccanegra, Rossini’s Il Barbiere di Siviglia and Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel. In addition to the free nightly livestreams, the Met is also now offering tickets to a new, live concert series, Met Stars Live in Concert. Tickets for each recital are $20, and the performances will remain available on demand for 12 days.


The Theatre Will Survive: A Benefit for The Actors Fund 

On August 31, over 25 of Broadway's biggest stars will come together for a special benefit for The Actors Fund. The evening will feature an all new video, special performances and a talkback with the video's creators and stars. Founded in 1882, The Actors Fund is a national human services organization that fosters stability and resiliency and provides a safety net for performing arts and entertainment professionals over their lifespan.Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here


Hudson Valley Shakespeare's Reading Series

Each year, the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival hosts a dynamic reading series featuring contemporary plays read by HVSF company members and other professional actors. This year's series has moved online and takes place each Thursday in August. This Thursday, the company will be reading Paradise Lost. Registration is free, with a suggested $20 donation per viewer.


The Met at Home

Since the beginning of stay at home orders, the Metropolitan Museum has been continuously improving the virtual experiences they offer. The Met's new Art at Home page makes it easy to navigate all of their online experiences in one place. Whether you want to immerse yourself in a 360° video of The Temple of Dendurlisten to an audio tour of a recent exhibitionread one of the over 500 books that the Met has made available online or get a quick recap of period or artist, the Met has a solution. Children and adults alike will both enjoy spending an afternoon wandering the virtual halls of the museum. 


San Francisco Shakespeare Festival: Free Live Performances

Like New York, San Francisco traditionally hosts free Shakespeare performances outside during the summer months. This summer, the organization will be hosting online weekly live performances of King Lear through the end of August. Details here. 


The Frick: Cocktails with a Curator

Visit The Frick's website for a full list of upcoming virtual events, including weekly Cocktails with a Curator, every Friday through Labor Day. Tonight, August 21, Xavier F. Salomon, Deputy Director and Peter Jay Sharp, Chief Curator offer their insight on works by Titian over a glass of wine. Cheers! 



As always, we're here to assist with all your household staffing needs during this challenging time. Both childcare and cleaning professionals are considered essential workers and we have implemented strict protocols to make sure your family is as safe as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

Private Educators and Pod Learning


At BAHS we are here to help you and your children adjust to what back to school looks like in 2020. Depending on where you live and your child’s school you may be able to go back with some restrictions, go digital with virtual learning, invest in a full-time private educator, or join a group of parents and form an at-home learning pod.  


What questions to ask when hiring a private educator


Having the right educator in place will not only support the family’s schedule, it will give added support and structure to each child’s development, even as we continue to stay home. To decide what type of educator is best, consider you and your children’s unique needs:    

  • What are the ages of your children?  
  • Would a former teacher or education specialist be best?  
  • Would a high-energy nanny be best? Or would your children thrive with a calm, quiet presence?  
  • Do you employ other staff in your home and need a team player or a nanny that works best autonomously and knows what to do with little direction? Private educators and governesses are not hired to clean and instead focus solely on the education of the children.  
  • Is there a language requirement?  


Hire a private educator with BAHS 


Our team of recruiting specialists can help determine what care is best for your family and match you with qualified candidates.   


What are the benefits of pod learning?  


A pod is a group of two to eight children, usually close in age, that are schooled together by a private educator in one home.  Pod teaching not only solves the education problem that school closures have created but also helps children to continue to socialise with others in their own age group. Day-to-day communication with other children is key to developing social skills, empathy and teamwork.  

These small pods are safe alternatives during Covid-19 and help ensure a nurturing environment for children while also offering the benefit of a low student to teacher ratio. 


Contact us to start your search or learn more about pod learning. 


How to stay on track with academic standards


Whether you elect to homeschool your children or join a learning pod with other parents, keeping your children’s education on track with state guidelines is vitally important. Most state websites have information for homeschooling standards and resources for navigating the move to at-home learning. The private educator you hire should be well-informed of these standards when creating or implementing any curriculum. Your child’s school will also have resources to help keep students current with state testing expectations. 


California Department of Education, Schooling from Home 

New York City Coid-19 Updates to Homeschooling 

New York State Education Department, Home Instruction 

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