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Kristen Reyes

Estate Management Consultant

Kristen started her career as an accountant and chief operations officer. She then moved into high-level estate and property management, which she has been doing for the past fifteen years.

Kristen has traveled around the world studying the staffing industry in both high-level domestic staffing spheres and high-end exclusive hotels and off-the-grid luxury resorts including the Aman Resorts. She brings this level of five-star service to the homes and estates she structures and staffs.

Kristen’s background in accountancy and operations and her experience in the hospitality industry has enabled her to be an expert in all levels of estate and property management, domestic staffing placements and assist with yachts and aviation, charter or purchase. Kristen is our Estate Management consultant at British American Household Staffing and consults for both coasts and international assignments.

Kristen’s expertise includes but is not limited to:

Properly overseeing the development and maintenance of high-end luxury homes and properties. Including, but not limited to:

Staffing – Assistants, Captains, Chefs, Drivers, Grounds Person, Housekeepers, House Managers, Nannies, and Pilots.

Interior Maintenance – High-end luxury designer interior maintenance to include art, furniture, and fixtures, as well as everyday maintenance to keep the interior of the home(s) running at the highest level and in pristine condition.

Exterior Maintenance – Sourcing and managing the maintenance of the arborists, landscaping, HVAC, pool, and spas, as well as the everyday maintenance to keep the exterior of the property and home running at the highest level and in pristine condition.

Aviation, Automobiles, and Yachting – Maintaining all additional properties owned/leased by the client, to be kept up to date on licenses, permits, and registrations and to coordinate with the captains, drivers, and pilots on daily maintenance necessities.

Accounting and Finance – Maintaining the household budget, providing supporting documentation to the business office, creating petty cash systems, credit card allocation, approvals and payments for vendors estimates and invoices.

Human Resources – Hiring, Onboarding, Training and Firing of staff, as needed. Coordinating with the current business office to maintain accuracy and efficiency. Setting up and maintaining payroll systems, timesheets, and insurance policies

Staff Training – A properly trained staff can make all the difference in how smoothly a household runs. Sometimes training occurs from day one and sometimes a refresher is needed. Staff grows as the home grows, so advanced training should be a consideration, to set your staff up for success.

The utmost discretion should be instilled in all levels of staffing. Those who see so much of what goes into one’s personal life need to be discrete, trustworthy and have an impeccably detail-oriented skillset. While there are multiple levels of what each individual’s responsibilities might be, finding the right level of service needed in the household will be the key to a successfully run home.

Manuals – Create household manuals, policy and procedure manuals, and set a structure into place for a team atmosphere. Manuals are the key to proactive and successful maintenance programs.

Seasonal homes – open/close – Open and close seasonal properties before and after use. Staffing, maintenance, training, inventory and stocking needs. Automobile, aviation, and yachting included.

Kristen currently resides between both the East and West Coasts of the USA although her primary residence is in California and her secondary residence is in New York. Kristen often travels to the estates and properties to structure the residences in-person, whether for short-term consulting or for more permanent estate management. Estates she has managed are based in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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