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Laura Andersen

Norland Nanny Consultant

Laura Andersen started her journey at Norland College on January 6th, 1995 as a Sharman (this was a year scheme that started the year before official training). During her first year, she worked in the kitchen and helped prepare and serve meals to the students to help her pay the tuition fees. 

She then started a two year training to receive a NNEB certificate and a Norland Diploma.  The training was as follows- one week in theoretical lectures learning everything there is to know about a child from brain development to weening; and one week in the onsite daycare units that went from Newborn to School Age. Norland at the time had a Children’s Hotel and during her second year of training, she cared for a child twenty hours of the day including overnights. This type of training was unique to Norland College. 

She was then placed at a Primary & Special Needs School, which actually, gave her some insight as to what it would be like having a child with special needs, as she now has a son that has Down Syndrome.

After her two years of training at Norland College, she completed a probationary job in London and received her Norland Diploma. She then continued her career in nannying for more than 15 years until she had her own children and transitioned to being a childcare/nanny consultant.