Private Jet

When it comes to private air travel, there are more options than ever. For those with very heavy travel schedules (usually over 150-200 hours/year in flight, unique privacy concerns, or who desire limitless customization, buying is often the best option. For those looking for increased flexibility, freedom from maintenance commitments, and a lower upfront cost, renting is a great choice. There are now several luxury private aviation services offering easy-to-book travel on a variety of different aircrafts. This week, we’ve gathered our top recommendations for private jet rental companies. 

NetJetsNetJets might be the most well-known company in this space, likely because it is the oldest and largest private jet company in the world. Despite being the oldest in the industry, the company continually updates their fleet with new aircrafts, as well as the latest technology and amenities. They offer several different membership levels, including a shared ownership program, a leasing option, and a private jet card. There are choices for those that travel under 25 hours per year and want minimal commitment, as well as for those who travel extensively and want to be able to book with a few hours’ notice.

FlexJetLike NetJets, FlexJet offers many structures, including fractional ownership, leasing, and jet cards, but one thing that makes FlexJet quite special is their Gulfstream G650 program. The company allows for day-by-day rentals of these long-haul aircrafts, making multi-stop trips to Europe or Asia seamless. You’ll have the same aircraft during stopovers so you can expect to be able to leave items on the plane while making stops and to have the same crew for whole duration. The longer the trip, the greater savings you will see for these programs. Fly XO XO is a an excellent choice for those looking to make last-minute plans and those who value increased flexibility. The service offers instant digital booking via their app and flexible cancellation policies for members. You can choose between becoming a member for lower rates across the board or pay-as-you-go and easily search and book private flights at the higher non-member rates. Blade While you might be familiar with Blade’s Hamptons route – they handle scheduled, shared, and private charters from NYC to Southampton, East Hampton, Montauk, Sag Harbor, Shelter Island, and Fire Island – they also offer flights to many other destinations. They offer a max. 16-person flight on a commercial-sized plane between New York and Miami and Palm Beach, including dining and caviar service onboard. They also offer special flights between NYC and Philadelphia on MLB, NFL, and NBA game days, including complimentary ground transportation to and from the game. And for those of us who hate airport traffic, Blade offers 5-minute flights from NYC to JFK or NewarkVilliersVilliers compiles private jet data to allow access to 10,000 private aircrafts across 40,000 destinations worldwide. While they don’t own their own aircraft or have the same type of programs as the other companies, they are a good resource to have on your radar if you’re ever in a pinch. They also allow for single seat sales on private charters so travelers can sell seats on their private flight or purchase a single seat on someone else’s.

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