British American Household Staffing is a domestic staffing agency in NY and CA and the UK that provides experienced, qualified and formally trained household staff including nannies, governesses, butlers, baby nurses, newborn care specialists, executive housekeepers, private chefs, household managers and estate managers and chauffeurs. British American Household Staffing represents the finest Executive Housekeepers and Laundresses. An Executive Housekeeper will organize closets by colour and season, understand how to care for fine clothes and will have an intensive knowledge of formal service. Laundresses are trained and experienced in all aspects of fine clothing care.

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Housekeepers vary greatly in experience and may carry out any or all of the following duties: laundry, pressing, ironing, cooking, clothing care, wardrobe care and maintenance, organizing and couture clothing care.  Some Housekeepers are Executive Housekeepers, Laundresses or Housekeeper House Managers.  The difference between a Housekeeper and a cleaner is the Housekeeper’s ability to organize closets by color and season, organize the home in general, a deep understanding of clothing care (steam, dry clean and hand wash) and their knowledge and training in formal service.  A high quality Housekeeper will understand formal service, which includes serving, formal table setting, flower arranging as well as all deep cleaning and laundry responsibilities.  An Executive Housekeeper will have experience working in a team, usually in a formal townhouse or other similar large high level residences.  

A Laundress will have an intensive knowledge of fine clothing care.  The Laundress will know how to steam, hem, maintain, wash and hang fine and valuable clothing of all kinds.  A laundress will usually spend the entire day looking after the find clothing in the home.  A Laundress is specifically hired to wash and maintain the laundry in-house.

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Wikipedia definition of a Housekeeper:

In the great houses of yesteryear the housekeeper could be a woman of considerable power in the domestic arena. The housekeeper of times past had her room (or rooms) cleaned by junior staff, her meals prepared and laundry taken care of, and with the butler presided over dinner in the Servants' Hall. Unlike other servants, she was addressed as Mrs regardless of her marital status.

Today's head of household staff in a great house lives in much the same manner, although fewer households can afford large retinues of servants with an elaborate hierarchy. In some countries this is due to the minimum wage.

The housekeeper is generally hired by and reports to the lady of the house. The extent to which the housekeeper supervises other staff varies from household to household. In general, the staff of a grand dwelling is divided into departments, with the housekeeper in charge of all the female staff with the possible exception of the kitchen staff, who report to the cook, and the between staff, who may report to the butler; in these cases the cook and butler reported directly to the lady of the house.

In other households, particularly those of the very wealthy who maintain several residences, the housekeeper is the ultimate head of household staff and may hire and/or fire junior staff, subject to the approval of the lady of the house, and make recommendations for senior staff. In this case, the cook and butler report to the lady of the house through the housekeeper.

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