A home in disarray causes unnecessary stress. Are you waiting for contractors and personally coordinating maintenance? Do your current staff come to work late or under-perform? Your home is like a small business and operates best when everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal. Having a house manager in place can ensure that goal aligns with your needs and keep all domestic staff on task.

What a qualified house manager can do:

  • Supervise all contractors and vendors
  • Hire, train, and manage household staff
  • Receive and look after guests
  • Plan and execute events
  • Craft and manage a household manual
  • Manage household budgets and bookkeeping
  • Prepare property ahead of a Principal’s arrival
  • Maintain automobiles, private jets, and/or private yachts

Are you juggling too many tasks and worry your children may fall behind developmentally or educationally? Beyond just babysitting, an experienced nanny will provide structure for you and your children, aid to your children’s development, and take day-to-day duties off your plate.

What a qualified nanny can provide:

  • Structure and support to busy schedules
  • Management of day-to-day tasks related to the children
  • Investment in your child(ren)’s development
  • Aid in child(ren)’s educational advancement
  • A nurturing environment for your child(ren) to grow into functional adults

Do you worry your home is not being cared for correctly, or are you in need of help keeping things in order? Hiring a housekeeper who has the knowledge of how to care for fine furnishings, artwork, and surfaces not only brings ease to your day-to-day living, but is a necessary investment in the long-term quality of your home.

What a qualified housekeeper can provide:

  • Clean and orderly home
  • Clothing care
  • Light meal prep
  • Upkeep of home and home value over time

Imagine a life when every party is prepared down to the last detail and all you had to do was speak to your personal assistant for 15 minutes. All your vacations are booked and money was even saved. Your children’s schedules are always sorted and last-minute changes are managed without you having to get involved. Your housekeeper is managed and the house is cleaner and more organized than usual. Doctor and dentist appointments are all in the calendar for you, your partner, and your children.

A qualified personal assistant can handle all of these things and more.

What a qualified personal assistant can provide:

  • Management of the family calendar
  • Personal shopping
  • Event planning
  • Bill payment
  • Travel arrangement
  • Management of household staff
  • HR duties including hiring and paperwork
  • Bookkeeping and vendor management

Hire the right household staff with British American Household Staffing.

The organisation and make-up of your domestic staff is unique to your individual needs and lifestyle. Having the right support in place saves you time and worry, and it ensures the smooth running of your homes to the highest standard.

Our expert team of recruiters will work with you to identify your individual needs and find the staff will be best for your home and family. For those homes that have unique structures or needs, BAHS has a consultancy department to assess your needs and recommend the right staffing hires. We will provide a true assessment of the issues, guidance on how to solve them, and will manage all training. Contact us today to begin your search or connect with a consultant.

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