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Along with providing premiere household staffing services, we also specialise in international yacht crew placement, brokerage, and chartering. Our worldwide access and network of 5-star crew members ensure our placements are met with longevity and we are able to tailor each candidate to match the vessel’s requirements.

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Headed by seasoned yacht industry professionals, British American Yachts provides experienced, qualified, and formally trained yacht crew.

The BAHS Difference


The same attention to client needs and matchmaking set BAHS apart from other agencies. We start from the position that each yacht staffing need is unique, necessitating individual understanding. The breadth and experience of our pool of candidates allow us to service yachts of all sizes.

Yacht Crew Placement, Brokerage & Yacht Chartering with BAHS

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We are based in South Florida, Bahamas, New England, Caribbean, Mediterranean, US West Coast, London, Greece, France, Cape Town, and the Pacific. We specialise in permanent, seasonal, freelance, relief, and rotational placements in all spectrum of yacht crew positions. Our candidates are the most seasoned and professional group including captains, engineers, managers, chefs, and all exterior and interior crew.

Yacht Crew Placement


Finding the right yacht crew brings the same level of comfort and efficiency you expect at home to your travels. We screen potential candidates based on their experience, professionalism, and references to bring the same high-quality caliber of staff to yachting that we provide for households.

Common Yacht Crew


Captain - responsible for the smooth running of the yacht, including managing crew, accounts, inventory, and all other administrative needs.

Engineer - responsible for all mechanical and electrical maintenance on board the yacht.

1st Mate - works under the Captain to support the yacht

Deckhand - ensures the exterior of the yacht is in pristine condition and working order.

Stewardess - responsible for attending to all guests on board and upkeep of the yacht interior.

Chef - manages all food ordering, stocking, and preparation.

Nanny - families may choose to employ a second nanny in place of or in addition to their full-time nanny to manage and care for children while on board the yacht.


If you are crew looking for employment, please send your CV to

Brokerage & Chartering


Contact our office to be connected with our yacht team. Our expert recruiters will be able to asses your needs and assist in yacht crew placement, brokerage, or yacht chartering.

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