3 Questions to Ask When Deciding What Household Staff to Hire

3 Questions to Ask When Deciding What Household Staff to Hire


By Anita Rogers


If you are a single professional or two working professionals you need to save time and outsource as much housework as possible. We are often asked what the best staffing hires are for a busy home in an urban area. The answer will always be unique to the individual home, but we begin by asking three questions.


1. Do you have children? If you do, the most important hire you make is the perfect nanny.

Hiring the perfect nanny is not easy. Using an agency with a solid reputation is advisable as recommendations from friends are not always reliable. More often than not, your friends work too and didn’t get to see the nanny in action with the children. 

A good agency will check all references and conduct a lengthy in-person interview. If the nanny doesn’t meet the standards during the interview the agency won’t work them beyond the interview. You can be certain if a nanny is worked by an agency that all references and checking has been done and the interview went well. 

As the owner of the largest domestic staffing and childcare agency in the USA, I know we turn down more than 75% of the nannies we meet.


2. How large is your home and how often would you like it cleaned?

Busy individuals rarely have time to clean and corporate cleaning companies generally send different workers in for each visit. This leads to inconsistency in quality and standards. Having new people in your home each week can also be very unsettling.

Depending on your needs, you may choose to hire a housekeeper to work part-time in your home. Be mindful of scheduling if you are looking for part-time workers as they will need to supplement more hours with another home. Consistent schedule and pay are key factors in keeping a quality housekeeper to stay long term.

Whether you decide to hire part-time or full-time, make sure you pay market hourly rate. A good agency can advise what your offer should be based on what your unique needs are. East Coast housekeepers average $25/hr minimum, while West Coast based housekeepers start at $30/hr and $40/hr for the San Francisco Bay Area.


3. Do you want meals provided?

Busy professionals often have a difficult time preparing healthy food for themselves. If you have children and the nanny doesn’t cover dinner time, preparing healthy food for the children can be a challenge. A popular request for working professionals with or without children is a part-time chef who prepares the food in advance, often at their own location and stocks your fridge with healthy meals for the week. Sometimes chefs will plate food and leave it for you to heat it up when you return from work. This is an excellent solution to keeping you or the family healthy and having delicious, healthy meals ready for you for lunch and dinner. 


Hire Household Staff with British American Household Staffing

Knowing your unique needs and the best way to meet them can make the hiring process easier. Identifying and hiring the right staff for your family will provide much needed rest and ease of mind, knowing your family and home are being properly cared for. 

Still, knowing where to begin this process can still feel overwhelming. Our expert team of recruiters are able to discuss your needs, recommend the right staff, and connect you with that staff throughout the hiring process. Contact our office today with any questions and to begin your search.

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