Hiring an Executive Housekeeper in San Francisco

Hiring an Executive Housekeeper in San Francisco


Executive housekeepers in San Francisco, especially in the Peninsula, are a hot commodity. Due to the high cost of living and rent, finding a local housekeeper can be very difficult, especially a skilled executive housekeeper. We work to source, train, and place qualified housekeepers in Bay Area homes.


What is an executive housekeeper?

An executive housekeeper is a trained, professional housekeeper for a private residence with high standards and usually multiple staff. They understand how to clean “invisibly”, which means they are never in the same room as any of the family members and are barely seen. Private families in San Francisco value their privacy, peace and quiet above almost anything. Well-trained staff know how to disappear and how to ensure the residence is quiet and seemingly staff-free. 


Our executive housekeepers are trained how to serve, set a table, how to create flower arrangements for dinner parties, how to stock, grocery shop and manage their time. They understand the complexities of working in a multi-staffed private residence. They usually wear a uniform and they even bring a change of shoes for the inside of the home.


Some executive housekeepers are laundresses as well, which means they understand how to care for fine clothing inhouse and dry-cleaning services are no longer used. They iron, press, steam and fold better than any high-end clothing care company.


A question we ask laundress candidates when they meet us at BAHS is “how long does it take you to iron a man’s shirt?”. If they answer with any less than 15 minutes, we will not work with them as laundresses. Generally, a skilled laundress will take 20-30 minutes to iron a man’s shirt properly. With extensive practice, ironing a man's shirt in 15 minutes is possible.


The standard set up in a large home in Palo Alto or Atherton, for example is as follows:

  • Estate Manager
  • Personal Assistant
  • 3-5 Executive Housekeepers, one laundress
  • 2 Personal Chefs
  • 2-3 Nannies (depending on number of children and ages)

The personal assistant or house manager will manage the schedules for all the housekeepers to ensure there is 7 day a week coverage from 7am to 8pm. Two housekeepers will work 7am to 4pm, one or two will work 12noon to 8pm and one works on the weekends. The laundress will usually work the morning shift during the week.


The starting salary for an executive housekeeper in San Francisco is $80,000 per year, going up to $120,000 a year for a head executive housekeeper or laundress.


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