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What’s right for my family? Babysitter, Au Pair, or Nanny?

Navigating the world of childcare can be tricky for parents. There are so many options out there – babysitters, au pairs, nannies, full-time, part-time etc. This week, we are sharing information on common types of caregivers so you can ascertain what works best for your family. If you have any questions, the BAHS Team is always here to help! We have a large and diverse roster of childcare professionals around the world – contact us to find the right match for your family.

What is a babysitter?

A babysitter is often an on-call or as-needed role filled by someone with some childcare experience. Babysitters are often students or individuals with other professions who assist when needed. Babysitters help with many of the same duties as a nanny, such as dinner, homework help, and bedtime routine, but they are not a daily fixture in the child’s life. Babysitters usually don’t have knowledge of childhood development milestones or up-to-date best care practices; they also typically do not travel with the family. A babysitter is paid hourly and does not usually receive any additional workers’ benefits. Babysitters are a good choice for infrequent, casual care, such as a monthly date night.

What is an au pair?

An au pair is typically a young person who assists with childcare in exchange for room and board. In most cases, this is a temporary position (usually under 2 years), and the caretaker will have limited professional past experience in childcare. An au pair lives in 7 days per week – many families view them as temporary family members.

What is a nanny?

A nanny is a professional childcare specialist. They will have a substantial amount of childcare experience working with private families (minimum 5 years). Nannies may also be certified in newborn care, CPR & first aid, and may have taken classes or courses related to childhood care.

Career nannies may hold a degree in education or psychology. In England, many qualified nannies and governesses will hold a NNEB certificate which involves training on all forms of childcare from infant to special needs and places an emphasis on fieldwork. The Norland Nanny school also stands as a gold standard of nanny training in the UK. Learn more about Norland Nannies.

Beyond the basic nanny duties, many experienced candidates bring further expertise. Depending on your needs, your home may benefit from one of the following types of nannies:

Child Running Outside


Because every family’s needs are different, our commitment as your nanny agency is to provide expert service that saves you time, ensures all details are in order and matches a nanny that complements your home and unique needs. We believe that if both sides of the placement – family and nanny – are beyond satisfied in their placement, the relationship will be happier, more successful and longer-lasting.

BAHS has a large roster of nannies around the world ready to work. Contact us to start your search. 

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