International Womens Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, March 8, we are sharing the stories of female founders and BAHS team members who we have had the honor of featuring in the past year. Click here to learn more about International Women’s Day, this year’s them of “Inspire Inclusion”, and how you can get involved.

“I am so proud to run two all-female companies [British American Household Staffing and Anita Rogers Gallery]. I believe in breaking through the glass ceiling and supporting women on their chosen journeys. Those who decide to become mothers will have job security with flexible work schedules to ensure they flourish in every aspect, at home and at work. We have such a cohesive and caring team at BAHS and I believe that to be due to us all being women who understand the stereotypes and challenges that we’ve at times previously faced within the workforce. Here at British American Household Staffing, we celebrate the continued success of a company built and led to inspire and encourage through diversity and strength within a sisterhood.”– Anita Rogers, CEO and Founder of British American Household Staffing & Anita Rogers Gallery


Anita Rogers Playing The Harp

BAHS Founder and CEO Anita Rogers Quoted in The New York Times (2023)

“The pandemic changed so much,” said Anita Rogers, the founder of British American Household Staffing, a domestic staffing agency with a large New York City presence, who has nearly doubled the size of her company in the last few years.Read full article. 

BAHS Founder and CEO Anita Rogers Quoted in The Robb Report (2023)The work is “more than the family probably realizes,” says Anita Rogers, CEO of British American Household Staffing (BAHS), a leading agency that places recruits globally. But it’s “done so smoothly and seamlessly that it all feels very easy for the principals when they just slot into this fabulous party time.” Read full article. 


In honor of International Women’s Day, BAHS would like to thank our entire team of strong and talented women. 

Baby Photos of BAHS Team Members

Highlighting BAHS Team Members 


Liz Hankins With Partner

Liz HankinsTalent AcquisitionThe Ali Forney Center is an incredible organization that helps provide shelter and food for homeless queer and trans youth. They do such good work for kids that really need to feel support and a sense of community.Read full interview. 



Kimberly ManigaultKimberly ManigaultFinance OfficerI have been a parent for 33 years and I am still learning, but what comes to mind as advice for new parents would be to continually observe, learn and support your child’s natural path in life. Read full interview. 


Alanna VerdeAlanna VerdeTalent AcquisitionKids Need More Camp Adventure, and Double H Ranch are my absolute favorites and are so close to my heart. These two camps I had attended from a young age with my siblings. My brother was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when he was 4 years old and attending these camps my siblings and I were able to meet other patients and their siblings who knew what we were going through.Read full interview. 

Interviews with Female Founders 

Samantha McCord, Founder of Conscious DiapersOur goal is to be a reliable and supportive partner to parents throughout the years that their babies are in diapers. Transforming the diapering process from a burdensome task to a convenient, conscious, toxic free and environmentally friendly experience. -Samantha McCord

Read full interview. 

Gail Sexton Anderson, CEO & Founder of Donor Concierge

We are an advocate and liaison for couples and individuals to help them find the best possible match for them as they create their families through third-party fertility.– Gail Sexton Read full interview. 

Sarah Rueven, Founder of Rooted Wellness

Rooted Wellness’ mission is to empower women to cut through the “nutrition noise” that they are constantly bombarded with and guide them towards evidence-based, proven methods to enhance their well-being.– Sarah Rueven

Read full interview. 

Featured Nannies 

Featured Nannies

In September of last year, we highlighted a few of our BAHS nannies in honor of National Nanny Recognition Week.

Thank you to Cali, Ayesha, Diana, Coco, Madison, and Fernanda for your contributions!Read interviews here. 

Read More with Female Founders 

Interview with Annie Delaney, Founder of Rayz KidzAn Interview with Jada Shapiro, Founder of boober & Birth Day PresenceNanny Miss Monique: Mother, Nanny & Children’s Literacy AdvocateEmilia George: Meet the Founder